Thursday, February 06, 2014

walking observations or, if you like, observational walks

hey there

i have been doing a fair bit of walking, or strolling if you like. why? because i really rather enjoy it, that's why. the only thing missing from my walks is my trusty walkman and a class tape. i cannot, alas, bring myself to walk around in public with an iTwat on the go; that convenient device can remain buried in a docking thing, thanks.

the dilemma i have, dear reader, is that i see a fair few things of interest that would be worth taking pictures of and posting here, but i am in an environment where randomly taking pictures is apparently frowned upon and not done much, if at all. not frowned on in the Russian-Putin way as such, for no one has stopped me and said "you have taken pictures and the politburo says that is gay so you are off to the gulag" or anything even like that. just a bit of frowns and disapproving looks, i suppose. very English.

one or two things on my regular walks - well two, really - simply had to be snapped and uploaded here. they do, in a very real sense, express all the characteristics of litter, a thing that should routinely and roundly be frowned upon. some items, however, are just far too baffling and curious to be merely frowned upon or even ask why the council has not done something about it.

like, for instance, this item. 

i am fairly confident, even if my blueberry has not taken all that decent a picture, that the above, ladies and gentlemen, is a pair of tights (stockings, if you like) which have been (presumably) randomly discarded on a street corner. peculiar. was it something like whoever was wearing them decided that as they were turning a corner they should whip them off and discard them?

who was wearing them is a question in itself. one would usually leap to the conclusion that they were at some stage the property of a lady, but you never know. with the harshness and tempestuous ways of the cold winds here, these could very well be man tights. so perhaps a chap was wearing them on his way to a public house, or even one of them dogging thing that i (with great interest) hear of but cannot locate "for a laugh", but took them off en route for whatever reason.

i would be pretty sure it was a lady that was wearing the next one, though, if only for reasons of width if nothing else.

this lone discarded shoe has been sat in the same position as pictured above for about two weeks now, or it could be three. baffling, as i intimated above, is what i find that. i mean, did the owner not want it back? has no one thought to dispose of it or take it off as some sort of bizarre trophy? quite good that they have not up to now, really, otherwise i would have no interesting picture for you.

the circumstances of someone losing or deciding to discard 1 (one) shoe are most curious. under what conditions, i wonder, would a shoe offend someone - either by causing pain, being broken or displaying some perverse level of perceived insolence, - to the extent that they discard it, yet apparently and presumably retain the other one? it's like "you are the bad twin, you must die". a bad horror film, perhaps, or an award winning Meryl Streep drama, depending on what angle you use when writing it.

right, Bullseye is on and one of Bully's prizes is an Amstrad. i want to watch and see if they are stupid enough to even try and win it.

first round they won a microwave and a portable tv. second round.....nope, all black. third round and they did it, they won the Amstrad. and some sort of necklace. i would gamble it.

if i see anything else on my travels and it looks like i can take a picture without experiencing looks of contempt and disdain i will do so.

they didn't gamble! ha ha, stuck with the Amstrad.

right, it's super duper late here and that celebrity darts thing with Cheggers and Rowland Rivron seems to be not on any more so i am off to bed.

more as and when, indeed, it happens. or more when i remember i took pics a while ago and didn't put them up here.

second people did gamble on Bully's star prize and won - nice one, they got a snazzy, class looking caravan. actually a superb one, in the words of Jim Bowen.

righty-ho, cheers for reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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