Tuesday, December 09, 2014

on Marlboro gold touch

hi there

for some reason my posts on the subject of Marlboro get an awful lot of reading figures. if that's what you want kids, that's what you will get, look you see. do Marlboro pay or endorse me to do this? ha, i wish!! sadly not, i am merely a consumer that keeps bankrolling their extravagant lives.

in the shop earlier today the shop did not have my usual choice of cheapest available cigarette, the Carlton brand. they also did not have the next cheapest, which would be them Player's things as preferred, if not favoured, by salty sea dog sailors.

the chap in front of me, someone of such young looks they were required to show proof of age before being allowed to buy, requested a packet of something called Marlboro Gold Touch. i observed them, or rather observed the price. at £6.99 they were some 30% cheaper than my much missed Marlboro red. so i got a packet of them to see.

yeah, as it happens, via the immense kindness of a very good friend, i am indeed in the possession of some of the aforementioned beloved Marlboro red, so we can do a comparison if you like. and as you can see in this comparison, the Gold Touch things are clearly much, much smaller than the standard pack.

i did, as point of fact, assume that i had paid a high price for 10 cigarettes at first, but oh no, there are 20 of them in the packet. 20 smaller than usual cigarettes, as we shall see just now. in the mean time, here's another of them size comparison pictures for you if, for some reason, you wished to see confirmation of the smaller size.

if you didn't want to see further comparison or some sort of confirmation then please disregard the above picture.

how are the Marlboro Gold? they are very, very nice indeed. something of a love affair was rekindled when i had one earlier today, dear reader. smaller, oddly named Marlboro remain Marlboro after all, the finest there is in the world of the cigarette.

here i am trying one of them. yes, that's one of them pullover sort of tank top jumpers i have on over my smart new lilac shirt. whereas it is cold enough to warrant such an un-Yorkshire garment, it was not worn for reasons of cold.

i had an incident this morning, dear reader, in which i did so deftly and precisely spill coffee all the way down the front of my shirt. i popped into that Sports Direct shop, then, owned by that self-proclaimed "Geordie Messiah" and de facto head of the 'Cockney Mafia', to purchase this jumper thing to hide my indiscretion. worked a treat, too, except that i kept lifting up the jumper to show people the class stain.

smoking, let us be clear, is a pretty dumb and stupid thing to do. this post, and ones like it i do, are not meant to in any way make it seem like a cool or attractive thing to do, even if i do happen to look particularly stylish and sophisticated in this picture. the purpose of this post, and others like it, is to share some information with my fellow wounded animals that happen to quite like smoking. we are a dying breed, unlike all them immortal non-smokers, and so i feel it is of some passing benefit to share my findings.

that said, would i purchase Gold Leaf again? possibly not, and that would purely be from an economics perspective. i may well, once a week or so, get a pack, but they will not be a regular choice. sensibly priced Marlboro Red would be first prize, or a source of income that let me get them at the exorbitant tax rate placed on them to fund whatever the hell it is David Cameron does with the money; batter ducks or something.

second prize would be a return of Marlboro Bright Leaf, which were pretty smart and very nicely priced. not sure why they vanished. the trick is, i suppose, is that Marlboro do not do cheap.

here's that cigarette size comparison thing i mentioned. as you can see, the Gold Touch is some 50% to 75% the width of a Marlboro Red, no i am not getting a ruler, protractor or any other such stuff out to check.

to repeat, then - smoking is very silly and not something you should do. if you do do that, though, then here for what it is worth has been my thoughts on the subject of this Gold Touch business.

enjoy if you do, appreciate the health if you don't.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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