Sunday, November 01, 2015

might not be as interested as you may believe

hi there

i had something of a peculiar decision to make last evening, look you see. whilst i found myself somewhat tired earlier than usual, i figured that if i retired for the evening then i could expect either a fitful sleep or an early rise for a sunday, so to speak. to that end, then, i elected to watch a film.

the challenge was to watch something that i was unlikely to fall asleep watching, yet would not be kept so alert and involved to effectively wake up and remain that way for many an hour more than i wished. a film featuring several components of Jackass struck me as being the one most suitable, then.

thus it was, then, dear reader, that i elected to watch National Lampoon's TV The Movie, featuring some of the decent ones out of Jackass and, somewhat alas, Steve-O.

plot? i am not sure there actually was one. this movie is in essence a series of sketches, or if you like skits, sellotaped together in the hope that most if not all cause some humour and mirth. it harks back to classics of this genre, in particular Kentucky Fried Movie and my personal favourite Amazon Women On The Moon.

in truth, it mostly works. there are some crass, crude, sexist, racist, obnoxious and xenophobic elements on the go, but sorry for that, a fair bit is very funny.

the bits of the film that don't work? to mash this out to 80 minutes, there's an overtly extended section called Pads, which features insights into Steve-O's home and home life. sadly all this does is underline what an unpleasant, vile, crass peasant he is, or if you like he's no Johnny Knoxville. whilst the overwhelming majority of the Jackass guys push limits and have genuine talent, there's always been the sense that Steve-O pushed limits without any particular rhyme or reason, and his frequent run-ins with the law are no surprise.

the above is all the more disappointing, as there are some sketches or if you like skits featuring Steve-O which are genuinely funny and show that he can be genuinely funny when not seeking to be a prize, rank, first class @s$wipe that you just want to punch in the face. as things stand, i suspect that the people of the world were not as interested in Steve-O as the producers of this film thought they might be. if they had cast practically anyone else off of Jackass or beyond rather than Steve-O, this film may have got a fate better than being picked up for £1 at Poundland.

favourite parts? at the risk of spoilers, the version of Miami Vice with midgets is one of the greatest things i have seen, and The Real Fear Factor, hosted by Judd Nelson no less, was outrageously funny. also, the Lee Majors parts are as amazing as you would expect.

in regards of things other than that movie which some may believe others are more interested in than they actually are, Spiros sent me this picture. it is of his new beanie, a grey one, which he has bought as an interim measure to stand in for, rather than replace, the one he left on the tube over the weekend.

i fear that the appeal i posted on behalf of Spiros yesterday, requesting help in finding his beanie, has created for him an impression, or if you like unrealistic expectation, that i for some reason care what he wears on his head to keep warm. i don't.

well, do you care what Spiros wears on his head? if you do, then nice one, i am glad you will get some benefit, use and interest from this image. for the rest of us, however, this is something of a waste of time.

has he got his original hat back yet? not so far as i am aware. i mean, i'm not interested, so i have not asked. it might have dawned on him, as he merrily sent this picture and several others of beanies that he was considering, that i am as point of fact not interested, and this he has opted not to share any further information with me in respect of it all.

should it be the case, however, that he does find the hat, or announces to me that he has accepted it has gone forever, then i will do my best to mention it here. especially, as it happens, if i am somewhat short on material.

anyway, that will do for now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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