Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Stone Roses - "possible" tour dates

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a 100% unofficial fan site for The Stone Roses is claiming to have a list of "strongly rumoured but unconfirmed" dates and venues for a tour by the band after their much anticipated Heaton Park residency.

here is the list of dates and venues as they are reporting it :

at present the NME are reporting it as "fake". then again, the idea that The Stone Roses were going to reform was dismissed as fake. however, some quick searches and the evidence at hand indicates that this list isn't quite right.

firstly, at the press conference to announce they were back together, Reni intimated that they would not be "slogging it" and would tour and perform at their own pace. this quickfire succession of dates does not quite tie in with that. then again, Reni did deny there was any reunion, didn't he?

secondly, the rumour last week was that they would be playing T In The Park on the weekend they are now supposedly playing the o2 arena.

further to this, a random google search on the dates and venues suggests that not many of them are booked out as such - strange if this is all planned?

well, if this turns out to be as legit as the reunion story, excellent, and good luck to those wanting to get tickets! i would suggest, though, waiting for any and all information to appear on the offical Stone Roses site before making plans!

in the meantime, the NME have a nice little feature on the band's reaction to the overwhelming support and demand for their comeback. John Squire's comments in particular are somewhat interesting.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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