Tuesday, October 04, 2011

a bangin' vibes machine for New Zealand

hey everyone

well, as regular readers shall be aware, my sister has a cassette deck in her car. it used to be a perfectly working one, too. a tape got jammed in it and, despite the best efforts (ahem) of Richard, once the tape was freed it seems that the deck itself had decided to play no more funky music.

to this end, i offered to replace the deck for Gillian as a sort of combined Christmas / Birthday present thing. i did give her the option of a CD player, but she said that she rather likes the idea of being the only person in New Zealand with tapes in the car instead of shiny discs.

and thus i have managed to locate and purchase this beauty!

quite stylish looking, is it not? the chaps in the store where i bought it from did, it has to be said, look a little confused at my enthusiasm for buying a cassette deck. it looked like one or two of them were thinking about suggesting a CD player to me instead, but i do have a habit of looking like i shall gladly punch you in the face if you question me. i don't do that, of course, but i do tend to look like that.

a bit of a problem, of course, is that the cassette deck is here and not as a consequence in New Zealand. no matter, soon an in-no-way whatsoever grumpy gent is heading that way in the not too distant future. he can, then, deliver it. and before you ask, yes i did see if i could arrange for a deck to be bought over there, but no one appears to sell them over that way these days!

want another look at the deck? of course you do.

and if for some reason that isn't good enough for you visual pleasure, this bit of writing here serves as a link to a manual for the deck. i think

anyway, i trust you have enjoyed this peek at it, Gillian! fingers crossed it arrives in the not too distant future and you get it installed! we shall all want pictures of it up and running!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!
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