Monday, October 17, 2011

friday ice cream

hey everyone

well, in this part of the world last Friday was a roasting hot day. so hot, in fact, that i took a parental decision along the lines of ice cream in the garden would be the best way to spend the early evening once i had picked up the boys. neither James nor William put up much of an argument against this!

sadly my blueberry phone has opted to take a sort of "misty" approach to pictures these days. sorry about that, it is the decision of the device alone and i would like to assure you that i have not taken to "filtering". anyway, here are the pictures!

i love how they have a bit of a Reservoir Dogs thing going on in the above, it was excellent that i was able to capture them walking about, eating away!

William rather enjoyed walking in and out of their magnificent playhouse in the garden whilst holding his ice cream!

well, i say "holding", but in his excitement he managed to drop it more than once or twice! never mind, i was soon able to dust down the ice cream and off he went on his merry way with it!

there was next to no chance of James dropping his, of course!

and finally here's a picture from the sequence of them walking along again, only this time with them stopping to sort of pose for a picture!

note how William is looking to see if he cannot get his hands on James' one whilst he is busy posing!

it looks pretty much like we are in for, as The Style Council once sang in such excellent ways about, a long hot summer, so i dare suggest that ice creams in the garden shall be a regular feature of life for quite some time! i shall do my best to use a proper camera for pictures on one subsequent afternoon, then!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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