Monday, October 31, 2011

replacing a stabbed cassette deck

hey there

well, believe it or not, in early October i was contemplating doing a post saying that i don't always know what will feature here during any given month, and that i was unsure as to how much i would have to write of in the month ahead. well, so much for that! i think this has been the busiest posting month of all time for me!

moving on to why there is yet another post this month and i bring you the simply delightful news that at least one car in the land of New Zealand has an armed, working and fully operational cassette deck installed in it!

here is the picture of the chap that Gillian employed to come over and install the cassette deck for her!

i have no idea what his name is, but he is obviously an ace, boss, class type of chap as he commented that JVC stereo equipment is of an excellent quality, and apparently liked the look of the deck i had sent over for her! i am then delighted to give a plug to his firm - if you are in New Zealand and require some sort of mobile assistance with the electronics or what have you in (or on) your car, then i suggest you get in touch with Alert Auto Electrical
as they are clearly excellent!

they also have no objection to being photographed going about their business, as you can see, and they also are delighted to have the younger members of society assist them so that they may learn the magic of installing a cassette deck in a car!

nice one Daniel, thank you for helping ensuring that the vibes return to the car!

in regards of the recent lack of vibes in Gillian's car, well, let us take a moment please to remember the old, now deceased cassette deck. here it is, apparently banished to the "naughty corner".

as you may well recall, this one broke, and Richard had a go at fixing it. by means of stabbing it. that didn't quite work out, but never mind that now, a new one is in place!

that said, i had no idea Gillian's former deck was a Blaupunkt!

i have always been of the impression that they are some of the best decks you can get in a car, going on how much fuss and noise Richard Dreyfuss' character in Down And Out In Beverly Hills made both about having one and having it stolen.

in regards of the latter point there, there is a security feature on this ace JVC deck that Gillian seems particularly taken with; which is that it has a "removable face". i would be pretty sure that the people of New Zealand are both honest enough and have an equal lack of need for a cassette deck to try and lift this or any other one, but there you go, the fact that it has such a feature makes Gillian smile!

another factor that presumably makes Gillian smile, and indeed left me feeling greatly relieved, was the fact that it works! i did not think or have the means to test the deck before shipping it off across the oceans, so it was something of a relief to get a message saying that it was both installed and up and running!

Gillian's quite taken with the fact that the deck says, or spells out, 'Hello' to you, and indeed 'See You' when you switch it off!

the best bit, for me at least, however is this message here -

that means that the deck is happily playing tapes, and i can carry on making them and sending them on! nice one!

as for what got the inagural play, well, i took the liberty of making a special new tape to send along with the deck. it features some of Gillian's favourites, some of my favourites and some universally loved songs too! here's a look at side one!

we are delighted that the deck is up and running, and certainly hope all of you over in New Zealand dig it too!

and that, ladies and gentlemen, could well turn out to be "that" for posts from me for the month of October! watch something crop up that sees me post something later, now that i have written that!

in the mean time, though,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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