Saturday, June 21, 2014

everything is better when you throw minimal money at President Ray-Gun

hi there

well, sh!t, it has gone ahead and happened. we live in a world where quality cannot, and will not, be repressed or quashed, and so that President Ray-Gun EP launch went right ahead and "happened" today; apparently out of the sheer whim and curiosity of their bass player in respect of what would happen if it was released.

obviously this move echoes, if not indeed channels, the approach Bowie took with his surprise release last year, and this record is not at all to be compared with that whole thing as a consequence. for a start, if requested, President Ray-Gun probably would in fact attend award ceremonies.

in the interests of sound, quality advertising that avoids any tricky questions of "why would i do that", you probably want to know where you, like me, can buy this much anticipated release. well, the answer to that is over at the special super President Ray-Gun "bandcamp" site, where you can pay as much for it as you like, and get a right headache from looking at the format options.

i have bought it, and did so for a price suggested by their extraordinary bass player. that price was less than £5 but also more than £2, although i expect my actual cost to double somewhat as this is all done, as is i am assured very common for Manchester bands, via some American service, so i will no doubt be taxed rather hard for all that exchange rate control nonsense. it is not like, however, you can put a price on having President Ray-Gun beautify your download folder and ever be in a complete, if not entire, state of satisfaction. here, just look at how awesome it appears as i see it. and, indeed, how you can and will see it when you go right ahead, following the yellow ink, and purchase it.

yeah, you could have something looking that awesome on your PC if you buy it. you can have a look for an illegal download, i suppose, but that is naughty and you should not do it.

according to President Ray-Gun, it is the case that "Their live shows have been met with praise for being loud, entertaining and unpredictable.". i have not seen them live as such, but i am, i believe, scheduled to see them later in the year. i may very well take my computer along for them to sign it, since a digital download does not, so to speak, have a cover or box to sign. 

is this EP any good? well, i like no track any less than any other on the set. oh look, here are some Marlboro that my mate Spiros sent me. 

nice one Spiros, many thanks indeed, mate. they are excellent.

anyway, let me not keep you. remember, you have just taken the decision to buy the President Ray-Gun EP, and you are leaving this page now to go and make a purchase.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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