Saturday, October 08, 2011

eight become four

hey everyone

well, at the time of writing the people of New Zealand are, from a spectator point of view, half-way through the best and most entertaining weekend of the event they are having over there. of course it's hugely tempting for me to say that the tournament holds absolutely no interest for anyone now that England have been knocked out, but quite frankly as they played like they just assumed they could win the next one or something the tournament is probably better off without them.

at least the English fans haven't been knocked out of the pubs in Auckland!

that said, a very well done indeed to the ever unpredictable French team for proving the view that you just don't know which French side will turn up to one of these games. today it was one of the world beating, all conquering French sides that arrived, which is fair enough. they shall have to deliver a good deal more of the same next weekend against a very impressive looking Welsh side!

and speaking of impressive looking, i do rather like the effort the French fans went to with the wardrobe for the match today!

indeed they did is the answer to the question, if you are asking "did Grant, Gillian, Katie and Daniel send these pictures". they went out and about to one of the "fan parks" in advance of the game today, and had a smart time it seems, but more of them later.

one of the best things about the Rugby World Cup is, much like the Cricket equivalents, the fans of all nations get on rather well with each other for 99% of the time. fans of both those sports tend to appreciate and love the discipline involved in the respective fields; the sheer mental and physical battle both sides have, and all stand in awe when one player shines above all other to lift a team upwards. of course you always want your team to win, but you tend to, if only slightly, more want just the best team to get the right result on the day and the actual sport to be the winner.

as shown in this picture of some fans here!

the above, of course, is seldom true in the world of football. that tends to be just plain money and rivalry these days. a great shame, it wasn't always.

oh well, to speak of much nicer things and the proverbial family down there enjoying themselves! Gillian is in an interest position as, due to her ancestory living arrangements over the years, she could have a sometimes theoretical but always valid claim to support England, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Australia or indeed New Zealand. however, she supports Ireland. why? well, partially because she saw the Irish lads working out in a gym over there and very much liked what she saw......

....but mostly because the Irish make Guinness, that's why. not a bad reason at all, really. a lot of people fancied Ireland to do rather well in this tournament as it happens, but they somewhat came unstuck against a breathtaking display from Wales earlier today. that was a tough one, and for most neutrals watching the game you really didn't want either side to have to lose, since both have been impressive so far. maybe next time lads, hope so at least. Katie and Daniel certainly seem to like the idea of supporting Ireland too, in particular if it means hanging out in that class looking pub!

yes, Grant enthusiasts, there is a picture of him next. there is of course no doubt at all about who Grant supports, but he seems to be showing a touch of solidarity with the Irish anyway!

today saw two great matches, and tomorrow promises two classic games too. after that, well, whereas the party shall no doubt continue in New Zealand for the next two weeks, the whole things becomes taught, tight and tense matches, really. i shall no doubt be watching anyway, as will a good deal of other people!

many thanks for the pics, sis and bro-in-law!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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