Tuesday, October 04, 2011

cheers, superdeluxe edition!

so what was your best album of 1989?

this was the question posed by the awesome site Super Deluxe Edition, and one i answered, after some careful thought, with The Stone Roses by (oddly enough) The Stone Roses.

in showing just how many quality albums were released in 1989, the chaps who run that site didn't even have this one in their top three! if i recall correctly, the magnificent Paul's Boutique by the Beastie Boys came out top. a good choice, but my choice was near enough as good enough to win the ace competition they ran!

that, ladies and gentlemen, is a rather rare, sealed and in mint condition copy of the Rainbow Warrior 2 CD set released to raise funds for Greenpeace back in that year! an excellent item for any collection and a really awesome win for your humble narrator!

compilation albums to raise funds for exceptional, good and not so good causes became somewhat commonplace throughout the 90s, but this was one of the first and, looking at the tracklisting, best. some notable acts, big then and in some instances even bigger now, were happy to donate their music for a cause they considered worthy. here's a closer look at the tracklisting so that you can see what i am on about!

now, a big question would be do i leave it sealed, or do i open it and give it a play? the latter could be the winner, really. i mean, leaving it sealed and that increases the value and what have you, but there's no way i would ever sell it! i shall leave it as is for a bit at least!

in the mean time, it goes without saying that you should visit Super Deluxe Edition. i really like what the guys are doing with that site. when these big expensive box sets come out reviews tend to just give you a history of the band and selected details of certain track, i.e. not the ins and outs of what actually is "in the box" for your money. this site is trying to address this by giving full and complete details of every item in every, well, super deluxe edition released. hopefully soon they are going to be doing the same for DVD box sets as well as music.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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