Monday, October 03, 2011

Traz by Spiros

hey everyone

welcome to October!

i did not really intend for this to be my first post of the month, but here you have it. my good chum Spiros is in downtown Johannesburg at the moment and, by default or design, had reason to go past the place that was known affectionately as "Traz", or to give it its full, proper name Alcatraz, a nightclub of some reputation where the kids use to go and hear all the latest groovy, bangin' vibes. man.

Spiros was obviously very excited to see the old place again, going on the blurry image above. it is now, i am led to believe, a panel beaters or something like that. Spiros means that it makes the club now "100% industrial", which was something of a dream for several patrons of the place. they shall no doubt be thrilled to hear this.

anyone feeling a sense of nostalgia for the old place shall no doubt appreciate the following picture.

yep, that's the staircase that, shall we say, more than one person has fallen down more than once.

as for my experiences of the place, i used to head to it and Le Club with Spiros every now and then, obviously at times where we were not busying studying with passion and enthusiasm for our respective degrees. they were the places that it was cool for me to go to with Spiros, as it would have been somewhat inappropriate from a lifestyle choice point of view to tag along with him to certain clubs in Rosebank in general and of course his beloved Turkish Bath House Boys Club in particular.

hope these pics have been of some interest!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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