Monday, October 17, 2011

What The World Is Waiting For is Tuesday 18 October 2011....

hi everyone

well, i know that a few of you - in particular my sister Gillian - are quite interested in the recent "Stone Roses to reform" story doing the rounds at the moment, so here's the latest update.

despite a rather clear but ever so Reni-style worded denial from Reni soon after the reunion rumours flared up again, certain sections of the press remain convinced that Tuesday shall see the four members of the "classic" Roses lineup appear at a press conference and announce a few reunion shows. the main section of the (ahem) 'press' running with this is The Sun, who are running another story today.

in today's issue they are claiming to have "conclusive evidence" of the reunion happening, in the form of celebrated magician Dynamo, pictured below with Happy Mondays legend Shaun William Ryder, sharing with them a text message.

if you get over the rather distasteful idea of a News International publication running any story on the basis of a text message, what with their well documented problems and disasters with 'phone hacking', you read how Dynamo, who is indeed known to be good friends with Ian Brown, got a text message saying "We are going to rule the world again. It's happening.".

further to this, apparently a "source" overheard someone called Guy Garvey, who my younger, with it friends across the net assure me is both the lead singer of someone called Elbow and a straight up guy, discussing the fact that The Stone Roses have been rehearsing over the last couple of months.

if it had been that Guy Garvey had stated this on the record to a journalist it might be slightly more plausible than the word of someone who "overheard" him.

further, if i was in the lucky position to be either a friend of Ian Brown or indeed to receive a text message off him, i very much doubt that my instinct would be to rush off to a newspaper and show it to them.

we are some 24 hours away from finding out, give or take an hour or so. there is no doubt that a press conference is happening, but i am not so sure it has anything to do with The Stone Roses. as per previous comments, both Sir Elton John and The Rolling Stones, two acts that it would make sense to hold a press conference in London for, are expected to be holding major events in 2012.

if it is The Stone Roses, well, good luck to them. i doubt i shall be in a position to get over and see them if it happens, but fantastic for everyone who can. if it is all real!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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