Sunday, October 23, 2011

scenes from a tournament in New Zealand

hi everyone

well, as today is the last day of a certain event happening over in New Zealand, what better time to have a look at some pictures sent over to me from last weekend? glad you agree!

as far as i can see, the World Cup in New Zealand has been an absolutely excellent thing and a great success. well, great success for the hosts and for fans who love the game; obviously certain nations feel that they should not have been knocked out of it. never mind them for now!

a side certainly in it for now, however, is France, and their fans are quite class, it has to be said!

i wish them all the luck i can today, for they shall need it against a rather impressive New Zealand side.

on that note, did you hear the one about the Wallabies, the All Black and the Springbok?

they all got together, had a few drinks and enjoyed the spectacular rugby, not to mention the beautiful surroundings.

and why not? certainly Grant did, in the fine company of some of his mates who flew over to watch the tournament!

nice one! i was always somewhat surprised that no one i knew came over here for the football World Cup in 2010, really. well, not really - it makes sense to pay money to follow the Springboks around the world as they stand as good a chance as anyone of winning. the England football team? to pay to follow them is more often than not an investment in guaranteed disappointment, isn't it?

tying in with the above, fact fans, here's an interesting snippet for you. should New Zealand win this morning, they will set a record that i do not think will ever be matched. if they secure a victory they can claim to be the only team in either tournament to remain undefeated in both the most recent football and rugby variants of the World Cup! blimey, who would have thought? what a shame they did not win the cricket one, or at least go out on a tied score!

it is not all just rugger that has been sent on to me, of course. here's how Katie is doing, sat at her excellent desk!

that looks rather splendid, that does! i am sure it helps her do her homework rather nicely!

recently, i am led to believe, Katie and Daniel decided to hold a sleepover! where, you might ask? as far away as Katie's room!

lovely to see them! and indeed, i am sure it shall be lovely for them to see a certain, in no way grumpy every visitor, in the not too distant future!

with some luck Gillian shall be forwarding on pictures of the final weekend over there; if not i would imagine that it shall have pretty extensive coverage across the internet anyway!

right, let me think of more Stone Roses related things to write about!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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