Monday, October 03, 2011

belated birthday celebrations

hey everyone

well, fantastic news coming out of the UK last week, for it was Andrew's birthday. nice one Andrew, happy birthday once again mate, and i am delighted that the parcel arrived ok!

sorry these images of the celebrations are a touch late - Uncle Trevor kindly sent them on last week but i just have not had a chance to post them here as of yet. well, obviously now i have had the chance!

how old did Andrew turn? well, it would be somewhat inappropriate for me to reveal that here. i would, however, like it for any and all pub landlords, nightclub owners and off-licence retailers to accept this blog posting as conclusive evidence that he is old enough to purhcase as much ale as he wishes. honest.

now then, this next picture is rather interesting.

it is of course excellent to see Gran looking healthy and happy there on the left, and indeed wonderful to see Andrew and Christopher's other Grandmother over there on the left looking very much the same. but neither of those are the points of interest.

the point of interest would be the fact that Trevor called the picture "family with Trevor". now, i understand that Trev is something of a much sought after celebrity and that, but come on! Trevor, you are part of the family, whether you, we or anyone else likes it or not. for me, you are a most valued member!

now then, no celebration within the Harlo Gang would be complete without a picture showing off their mature, sophisticated and interesting ways. to that end, then, i am delighted to give you the following image.

it just oozes class, does it not? i am particularly impressed with the passion and pride expressed by Christopher in the above. perhaps he is thinking of the quality changes i made to his ghastly Newcastle shirt as he poses there.

well, there we have it! hope you enjoyed the discs i sent Andrew, and indeed trust you enjoyed yourself with all those stickers too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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