Thursday, October 06, 2011

the early birthday celebrations!

hey everyone

well, after presenting you scenes from the Harlo gang (and affiliates) celebrating Andrew's birthday a few days after the fact, what better follow up could i do than present you with celebrations of Ruby-Lee's birthday a few days or so before it happened?

Ruby-Lee shall, believe it or not (although you should, really, as it is true) be turning one very soon! fill in your own "time flies" comments here, really, we are all far too busy to particularly notice it! as quite a few of us were all together, and Grandad had a camera ready and everything, we had a little bit of an early party for her at South Fork!

here is the nearly-1 birthday girl then, being watched over by James!

i love the little "ta-daaaah" expression Ruby-Lee is making with her hands there!

James wasn't really watching over Ruby-Lee there so much as he was eagerly awaiting the arrival of a birthday cake. as was William. and Lyla. and of course Ruby-Lee herself. here i am trying to keep some sort of control over them as they wait. well, all i am really doing is trying to make sure none of them fall of the table, but more or less the same thing.

the cake, of course, duly arrived, and it was a magnificent one at that!

a very interesting thing happened with the slice selection of the cake. whilst all the children decided they wanted a piece of Winnie's honey (or if you will hunny) pot, they decided that what Daddy / Uncle Lee wanted was a slice off the backside of the celebrated bear. Richard, it has to be said, encouraged them in this regard a very great deal indeed. ho hum, it was a lovely slice, and bigger than what they got anyway!

now then, here's an excellent picture of two cousins together!

James and Lyla look quite happy and most content in each others' company. which they should, for they usually are. at least for the five or six minutes of the time when they are together that they are not arguing and shouting about whose go it is with which toy.

William has thus far worked out a way to avoid such matters by simply helping himself to any of the other sources of entertainment at South Fork whilst those two battle away for one particular yet random thing. here he is having a go at a tricycle!

and finally, here's an absolutely awesome picture of James that Grandma or Grandad took!

wow, that's one of the best yet, so no doubt Grandad will be taking credit for it!

righty-ho, that's it for now! sorry that there are not too many pictures of the birthday girl; grabbing these was a bit of a rush job! i dare say more shall follow on sooner or later!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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