Sunday, October 23, 2011

swimming time

hey everyone

well, i know it's confusing for some of you to come past this site and not find a whole load of new Stone Roses stories here, but there is not a great deal else to say on that subject for the moment! time to do some more familiar, non-Madchester related updates, then!

over out in the wilds of Middelburg it seems, now that summer's here, the time is right for doing some most excellent swimming! a most splendid idea at any time, really! Lyla certainly seems to think so, looking at her playing with a friend!

i am led to believe that Ruby-Lee is turning into quite the water baby. the pictures Erika sent on seem to me to give incredible substance to that!

that water and the photographs look highly appealing and simply gorgeous! we've been doing some swimming on our side too, but i do not have the pictures for you as yet. sorry, will get them soon, no doubt!

well, it looks like we are in for a really long, hot summer down here, so i would expect more swimming to be happening! not sure if there shall be pictures every single time, but you never know!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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