Friday, October 21, 2011

so, tickets for The Stone Roses went on sale today.....

hey everyone

well, there's demand, there's unprecedented demand and then there is what was experienced today, which is the demand for tickets for The Stone Roses in Manchester next June.

Michele said i should try and get tickets for it and we would work out how to get over for it later. i said OK, but also warned that this was as close to a hiding to nothing as you could get, for the demand was going to be massive.

i logged on to the three official sites listed on The Stone Roses' own site and was surprised to see that about 10 minutes before the sale of the tickets was about to start. i was considerably less surprised when what felt like the whole of the internet came to a crashing halt within seconds of them going on sale!

i pressed on, then, with my dear friend Maria sat with me with her laptop as we both tried to get through. we spent a good 40 minutes looking at a range of "server busy" errors, and every now and then got a screen like this one

oh dear! well, it certainly seemed like it was just not to be in respect of getting tickets, really. this was fair enough - i didn't expect to stand a chance, really.

Maria, however, ever the optimist, clicked on refresh and noted that the status of the concerts kept changing from "sold out" to "available"!

we kept on trying and trying, and indeed got to the stage where i entered my account details, but our old friend the "server error" message came up.

and then they announced an obviously "just in case" planned 3rd date, Sunday 1 July 2012.

here is the statement on the Roses' site

220,000 tickets sold in 68 minutes.

ahem, two of them are in my name.

i really do not know how to describe my feelings, except to say that they are all good, as in i have a sense of universal love good.

we are very much looking forward to seeing you, chaps.

i really, really hope that as many of you as was possible got your hands on tickets too!

be absolutely excellent to each other, always.
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