Thursday, December 02, 2010

William's first birthday!

hey everyone

well, wow, what a day, what a year! all that stuff about time flying, or if you are one of those academics time and space being relative to the self, certainly feels true sometimes. for us, none more so than today when we have celebrated the first wonderful year of many, many wonderful years of William being with us!

here's the birthday boy at around 6am this morning!

there was a little-big party for William at his daycare today, and Mummy went along with a most splendid cake. Mummy also wisely took pictures of the cake before anyone got their hands on it!

many thanks indeed to Grandma and Grandad for organizing the cake! it looked splendid, and by all accounts tasted splendid too!

William is rather fortunate that he has a loving big brother on hand to help out at all times, in particular if it involves things like blowing candles out!

everyone at the daycare school got a slice of cake, in particular the birthday boy himself. it was, to the best of my knowledge, the first time he had tried the luxurious tastes of the birthday cake. he seemed to be quite partial to it, which isn't that much of a surprise since he is very partial indeed to anything that is edible, and a few things which are not!

all in all, it seems he had a wonderful, fantastic day, and got an excellent new hat too, which should impress a very dear friend who happens to share William's birthday!

on top of cake, there was also cards and presents at home for William. i must say thus far William has not tried to eat quite as many of his cards that i suspected he might, which is rather nice considering the excellent one his brother wrote for him!

yes, Grandma and Grandad, if that card looks familiar, it is because James picked the same style of card for William as you did!

it's not only blowing out candles that William can call on his brother to assist with. oh no, far from it - James was very eager indeed to help William open up all his cards and presents!

James as we know is very close to his Grandad, and seems to be learning from him too. James got very excited indeed when some money fell out of William's cards from some very generous relatives. however, his learning is not complete just yet it seems - James committed the folly of actually asking if he could please keep the money from the cards! nearly there Grandad, i am sure you will teach him how it is done in the near future!

of all the presents William got, one called Domino The Dog seems to be the number one at the moment! he was very excited with the noises it makes, in particular the noises that it makes when you bash it on the head rather than just press the strategically placed buttons!

he also likes watching Domino walk around, but does tend to get upset with him/it when it walks a bit too far away, which is to say when it walks too far away for him to give it a whack!

one of the most important factors for William with his presents was establishing if you could eat what he has been given. just in case you think i am kidding, here he is trying to eat some lovely books Auntie Gillian sent from New Zealand......

....and here he is trying to eat the lovely "Ducky" book we got him!

all in all, a very wonderful, tiring, beautiful, busy day! in less than two weeks we get to do it all again for James!

William, it's been a wonderful first year, here's to the next 99 or so!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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