Sunday, October 30, 2011

Batman and Blackbeard

Hi Everyone

well, whilst Michele and I were enjoying John Cleese's excellent Alimony Tour show, James and William were busy keeping Grandma busy over at South Fork. it seems that they had just as good a time as we did!

i took the boys over on Saturday, and somewhat unwisely took James over to the shops whilst we were there. he did have some pocket money from Grandma, but surprise surprise Mummy and Daddy had to chip in a bit to get the things that he wanted!

no bad thing, really, as he found an ace Batman outfit for himself and, knowing how much William likes them due to the class film Scooby Doo - Pirates Ahoy!, a most excellent pirate outfit for his brother!

sorry, once again i only had the blueberry on me to take pictures with! i think Grandma took some too, so some better ones might come along eventually! in the mean time, i really love the angles and positions (and whatever the other terms are) for the one below!

William had absolutely no interest in removing his pirate hat, which is a bit of a shame as it would have allowed you to see his snazzy, excellent new haircut! oh well, i shall try and get pictures of that during the week - i suppose i have to save some stories to tell for November!

James also had a haircut - oddly on request from him, but at the least you can kind of see that sticking out from behind the Batman mask!

well, it seems and sounds that they had a good deal of fun with these outfits! they chased each other around for quite a while in them, eventually retiring to the north wing of South Fork to watch as many of the Star Wars films as they could before falling asleep!

quite a busy and exciting weekend all around, then! hope you all had a good one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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