Wednesday, October 05, 2011

an innings declared

hi there

i am just taking up a corner of the internet to pay respects to one of England's finest players, Mr Graham Dilley. the sad news that he has passed on was made public today.

there shall be many tributes and obituaries for this gent, one of the fastest and most successful bowlers England has ever seen, over the next few days no doubt. many of them shall, rightly, comment on how he was one of the "silent partners" to the great Sir Ian Botham in that Headingley Test Match in that Ashes series. his tidy bowling, his exceptional fielding and steady job defending his wicket as Botham did his thing helped set up one of, if not the, most incredible wins in the history of the game.

a true gent of the game, he shall be sadly missed by lovers of cricket.
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