Monday, October 24, 2011

Traveler's Japanese app

hey there

or if you prefer, これはスパムです。スパムは迷惑です, if you know what i mean!

can you believe it? i am not sure i can, really. blimey, where did a decade go that we have the 10th anniversary edition of the celebrated Carol's Sex Jeep by one of the most under-celebrated acts of all time, Traveler's Japanese app?

it really does not feel like ten years since i heard it, but there you go! i am indebted to all those who brought this to my attention, and indeed forwarded on the new artwork, which is pretty much the original artwork only just "less sepia", as it were.

was of course a great, great one, but at the risk of being called a trendy, a fashionista or a more commercialist than the rest, this one was always top of my list.

and then, of course, there was this one.....

erm, yeah. those of you who know what's going on with this one know that, as i try and keep the content here as family safe as possible, i cannot really discuss much about this one.

i would like to extend a big, warm welcome to all TJA fans who have found this site, whether you are the more casual fan or of the harder, more dedicated persuasion.

all that i can say is that i hope this has provided some useful information to all with an interest in TJA!

旅行者の日本語のアプリは - それがインターネット上にある場合はそれが真である必要があります
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