Monday, October 10, 2011

if there is something

hey everyone

every now and then, it has to be said, my Mum is of a proclivity to ponder on matters. this pondering usually leads to some sort of questions being asked of me. more often than not my answer is "yes, i can certainly get you that TV show, Mum", but once in a while it is something different.

like, for instance, this last weekend. Mum wondered how Michele looked in her earlier years, and was curious as to if there was "any of her" in James and William. well, one trip to Michele's Mum (my beloved mother-in-law and cast member of The Wizard Of Oz, Monica) and i was able to sate her curiosity! behold, the younger Michele!

erm, not that she is old now, of course. i have to be very careful what i say, or otherwise i could well end up on the streets, much like Michele in this picture below!

so, do James and William carry any similar looks to their much loved Mummy? not sure, really, you will have to decide. i am not too good at seeing things like that, to be honest!

here, though, so that she does not feel left out, is Michele with her younger sister Natasha!

i think i shall have to put that one up on the grand social network, really, give my sister in law something to think about!

and finally, here is Michele clearly showing off the Baywatch look a while (erm, but obviously not all that much time before) prior to them making the actual TV series!

well, there have been plenty of pictures of the younger me on this blog over the years, high time some of my dearly beloved wife featured here! as you can see, she has clearly been beautiful from day one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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