Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What The World Is Waiting For is 3pm UK time

hey everyone

well, we're nearly there. in just a little over three hours from me posting this to my blog the press conference, said to be about a "major musical event", shall happen in London. it seems that this page on the NME site is the one to keep checking; it appears to be set aside for any and all news.

on the subject of the NME, many thanks indeed and well done to the one they call Noisy Cat for grabbing the below picture. it apparently appeared for a few minutes on the NME page on the grand social network; no idea if it was the work of the NME themselves or a rather keen fan!

other than the presence of the "new", somewhat rubbish bands on there, that does look like the cover of the edition of NME when the Roses won all sorts of fan awards, either at the end of 89, 90 or 91. probably just a clever mock up!

in the mean time, i note that the official Stone Roses site is "struggling" to open - many people visiting it, or are they updating?

i still remain doubtful that this press conference is Stone Roses related, but that does not mean i am not hoping that it is.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and time for an update rather than a new post!

firstly, i thought that 'new' NME cover looked a bit familiar!

not sure if someone has just edited the original cover or not, but there you go!

and further, the official Stone Roses site does indeed open, only to reveal that it has not been updated since November 2010!

carry on being excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!
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