Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grant and the Sharks plate

hey everyone

well, "my bad" is the phrase i believe the kids of today use when they have made a mistake or simply forgotten something. the latter option is certainly true here, for i had forgotten that, along with a spiffing new cassette deck, i had sent some Sharks plates on to the land of New Zealand.

when i say Sharks plates i do not mean plates made from sharks, which perhaps you worked out from the capital "S" anyway. i mean that they are plates with The Sharks on them, the celebrated rugby side likely to lose to the mighty Lions later today.

imminent defeat, however, does not stop Grant or anyone else supporting their side, as you can see with the look of unblemished pride he has in showing off his class new plate.

i am glad that Grant likes them! with some good fortune, perhaps over the years ahead we shall find him some nice cutlery, or even a glass or beaker, with his side emblazoned upon them to go with it!

i have quite a few pictures from New Zealand at the moment here, will try and do further updates soonest! i suspect, though, not this weekend!

have a good one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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