Tuesday, July 05, 2016

the joy of just watching you sleep


one of the most interesting and, look you see, challenging questions we get from our children is that which is invariably if not always asked of all parents. that is the question of just what exactly do we get up to when they go to sleep.

the answer is normally as mundane as flop on a couch, express fatigue and sort of sit in a docile state, pondering what it was once like to have free time and energy before resigning to the fact that you're off to bed for a few moments of sleep yourself before starting all over again. oh, sure, there are times - not often but times - where the answer would involve a smart Zorro costume, a nurse or nun outfit and some light bondage gear, but they are not as often as one might think or hope.

 in order to make the answer to this question more interesting, accessible and of relevance to them in terms they would understand (i for one could not explain why we would have either a nurse or a nun in our home), my (considerably) better half and i decided to take some pictures of the sort of stuff we do when they have gone to sleep. or rather pictures of what we have let them think we do.....

yes, that's right. showing all of the maturity and sophistication i am well known for, i thought it might be quite class for us to sort of creep into their bedrooms and take a picture of us in their room whilst they were asleep.

what was their reaction to this? disbelief, mostly. some surprise maybe, and an overall sense that, once again. our children were disappointed to see that we don't just do normal, grown up parenting as a standard.

the above reaction was all so very amplified when we did it on a second night.

hopefully none of you sense any scary or sinister overtone to any of this. although it is the case, of course, that the idea or if you like concept of taking pictures of people whilst they are asleep has a worrying, indeed troubling history.

it would be unwise, and indeed somewhat naive, of you to take for granted that there is no such thing as state sponsored assassination. from time to time governments, even those who seem to be champions of freedom, elect to eliminate dissidents entire, or to silence those who speak out. as this risks turning the curiosity of complaint of one into the crusade of many, however, it is not used as extensively as it might. other methods are preferred.

one of the most preferred methods of intimidating and silencing someone, or otherwise persuading them to act in a way that you would prefer, was or is according to stories for the authorities to arrange for someone to take pictures of them asleep in their own bed and send them to them. the rather tacit yet overt statement made is, of course, that they can be gotten at.

mostly, if you believe the stories and reports of this, newspaper owners, editors and senior journalists were targeted in this way. as a consequence, many newspaper editors decided to use the exact same tactics on those who tried to intimidate them in this way.

the above all sounds quite like some fabulous if contrived plot twist in a rather good thriller novel. no, i do not have any proof or evidence that the above things have ever happened for real, and no it would not surprise me if it had. for all i know, if we're honest, should we be subject to the potential tyranny of a Theresa May led government, i may well get pictures of me asleep in the post, or they might just get rid of me.

yes, it is quite sad to think of a possible leader of our country, supposedly a champion of the free world, being someone so anti her own population, but far be it from me to influence how you think of her track record in this respect.

so, yeah, anyway, as i am led to believe that Google is presently more powerful than Government forces, if something happens to me, well, hopefully someone stumbles on all of this and asks questions of the higher levels. although that would put them at risk, so probably not.

will we be engaging in more shenanigans involving taking pictures of our children as they sleep? probably not, for i think these four do the job and, as outlined above, there can be a quite sinister way of looking at this sort of thing. not for us, of course. it is not like they listen to us or behave when they are awake; pictures of them asleep is hardly the sort of thing that would influence them in any way.

as per earlier posts and warnings to this effect, things are busy here, with all sorts of matters that i would not at this stage care to discuss. as and when things happen, however, i will do my best to jot them down and post them here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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