Monday, September 15, 2014

books, lighter and bus

hi there

well, dear reader, one of the cruellest and most unkind things that can happen to a gent about town happened to me today. yes, that's right, the unthinkable became not so much as thinkable, but all too real. indeed, it happened to me - my lighter packed in during a break at verk, an event i discovered only when i went to spectacularly fail at quitting smoking and use it.

i understand your concerns, but fear not, thanks to the kindness of a fellow smoker i was able to have my efforts in failure ignited and it was very much back to business as usual.

my first order of business when the hour of lunch dawned, then, was to obtain a new lighter. as you can see here, in a picture taken of the new lighter somewhat unwisely upon a cooking stove plate thing that had recently been in use, i opted against the p!ssing about approach and obtained the most hefty, intimidating and impressive one i could find.

what can i tell you about it? all that you can see, really. the designer would appear to have had something of a brain melt when it came to the colour scheme adopted, unless pink welded together with a rather fetching, indeed touching, light blue is a very, very good combination to have in place. i care not for the colour, however, i care only that it works. and, believe me, it does. actually, if you do not believe me, it matters not, look you see - there is some further evidence to that effect coming along shortly.

it was during lunch that i stumbled upon a most important event. it was important and i could tell that it was important for a brass band had been established at the venue. only classy events of exceptional importance get brass bands, so that is how i knew.

yes, indeed, it was the launch of a new model, or if you like style, of bus that one of the companies running buses to and from the town use on their routes. except this model will not feature on my particular route, as the company in question has made it clear, time and again, that they do not care for the route i use and thus would not use a new bus on it.

as you can see, it is called the "Sapphire" style or range of bus. that's an OK name, that is, but i think they could have done better. if i was in charge of naming styles of buses, right, i would use class names like Excelsior and Viper. they would be uber-cool names for a brand of bus. Sapphire, i suppose, is a safe name to use, what with the latent metrosexual connotations to the word.

the best i can hope for, as a consequence of the existence of the Sapphire, is that they decide to use one of the less knacked older buses off of a route they actually like on my route. i hold little hope around this happening, but you never know.

i had hoped to take some video of the brass band for you, dear reader. alas, i got quite a complex, as the people, i felt, started looking at me "peculiar" with my phone out. indeed, the only people i saw who were filming this most important event looked like they either would not be entirely out of place on some form of sex offenders register, or otherwise had media credentials.

let me leave that right there and show you a video of this magnificent new lighter doing its thing.

boss, isn't it? i had no idea that it would be that awesome when i bought it; i confess, i just picked up the most impressive looking one they had. to me, and to my mind, that looks like the sort of ignition device what deep sea divers would use when doing some smart underwater welding. but of course underwater, why would one employ a deep sea diver to do ground based welding?

here's a picture i like of that dude off Baggage Battles. his name escapes me, but he is awesome. i would love to have a decent, proper haircut like that. and he wears really smart cravat / necktie sort of things. and waistcoats.

if i were slimmer and cared more than i presently do for my appearance and that, this is pretty much how i would like to look. yeah, my hair is just about all grey now, too, i know. i don't, however, by default and design, have the physique to pull off the look he does. also, i don't particularly have a Brooklyn, Bronx or other sort of New York accent to go along with the look, like what this fella has. oh well, at least i can just watch him looking and sounding awesome, as he is on TV quite a lot these days. which is good.

anyway, books i promised you, dear reader, and books you shall have. here are some books that were hoyed outside of a shop and made available for sale to the public for a nominal fee, most around a pound or so.

did i purchase any of them? no. i am not sure what you can and cannot make out there, but the name of the author, and at times the name of the subject, feature the likes of Archer and Bercow. i am not, frankly, of a mind to read such things in general, let alone whilst sat upon a possibly slightly less knacked than usual bus.

another video of the welding lighter doing its thing? why, 'tis Monday, so why not.

magnificent that is, really superb. i shall be most sad when this one expires and is of no more practical use, except for the fact that i shall no doubt just get more of them.

is it in fact the best lighter what i have ever had? it's certainly in the running. it would not be an inappropriate title to give it at this stage. well, the one i was using before this had a really smart torch on it, but this one makes up for the lack of that with the underwater welding sense it emanates.

right, that will do, enjoy watching the smart videos as much as you like.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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