Friday, September 12, 2014

advent, ditch and bus

hi there

well, i am bored, and so i thought there was no reason at all for you not to be bored too if you have nothing better to do that read this. welcome, in a very real sense, to my world.

i took a few random pictures during the day today to include in a future post, and i guess that means that this is the future. not sure i intended for all at once, but hey ho.

first up, advent calenders. yes, in September. as most card shops have been selling Christmas cards since June, there's a case to say that the stores have been just a little late in getting these on the shelves.

they look quite smart, like, for a quid.

i suppose there is not all that much stopping one getting a few now, and doing an "advent" thing for October, and indeed November, as well as for the traditional month when one does the advent thing. which, i think you will find, ladies and gentlemen, is December. for some reason they never do the whole of December, though - always stop on the 24th, or in some cases the 25th. quite annoying, that is. it's like a whole week of the month without little funny tasting bits of chocolate in the shape of bells and what have you. the odd snowman too, i think.

here are some roadworks.

except they are not actually roadworks, as they are all on a path. i suppose, then, that they are pathworks.

why are they digging up a path? i am not sure, and to be honest i am not certain i would make a comment even if i did know why they were doing this.

for now, though, i believe it would be in order to refer to these works, such as they are, as the "giddy ditch", so that they may stand as some sort of landmark, or perhaps a most peculiar testament of a certain nature. the warning signs around it are, at the least, very clear about how one should not perhaps cross the giddy ditch. i most certainly did not. i was polite and sort of skirted around it. just seemed the best thing to so.

oh, bravo NME, well done.

NME has finally managed to find a band, no matter how obscure or unheard of, to bad mouth U2 and Apple for the album release earlier this week. 

i have no idea who or what a Bombay Bicycle Club are, but they reckon it was an intrusive thing that Apple and U2 did.

no, no it wasn't. no one had it forced onto their device. it was just listed as available for free to everyone. you had to click on it and select it for download in order to it to "intrude", of your own free will, on your device. it was no more forced on anyone than any other thing Apple list as available and for free to their clients. the only thing i do not like about this album release is that i have found myself in the perverse and unnatural position of defending Apple.

here is a picture i took on the bus, a few moments after i put down the Frederick Forsyth novel i am presently reading (not bad).

is there any particular significance or relevance to this picture? no, honestly, none at all. i was just bored and thought this image might in some way round off, or make more interesting, a post at some point. which is kind of what it is supposed to be doing now.

oh i agree, a most excellent use of yellow in the decor of the bus. it really accentuates all the other stuff in the design, and perfectly complements the journey one takes on it. or, if you like, in it. and yes, the bus was fairly empty, it usually is as we approach the streets at where i get off of it.

i hope this post has been as divergently entertaining for you as it partially was for me.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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