Tuesday, September 02, 2014

commercial breakdown

hi there

just a few random items that are commercially available which i didn't, in a refreshing change of pace, purchase.

first off, one from a week or so ago, i think, and had forgotten about. or maybe i have posted it already and forgotten that i did. sorry for that, if that indeed is the case. anyway, here, have a look, or have a look again if that turns out to be the case. apologies for the play on words, etc.

no, not that one, as smart as the Minion cover is. the other one. yeah, that's right, a cover for some sort of iTwat cover with "I Love London" on it.

there is not, directly or overtly, anything wrong with loving London as such - consider, if you will, the most amazing life my mate Spiros now has, beautified by his engaging relationships with all them taxi drivers who go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. i am just not sure selling I Love London items is all that a brilliant thing to do, or a marketing choice that makes any sort of latent, patent or direct sense.

it is, i suppose, possible that someone is walking around town - a fair few miles away from Cockneyville, it has to be said - spots this in the window, remembers how much they love London and thus decides to buy it. and then, possibly, buy whatever iTwat device it is that fits into it. is such a person likely? yes, i suppose, but i would imagine there are not many of them, and if they loved London so much it is possible that they have already invested in items proclaiming their love for London. whilst, at a guess, they were visiting the place.

on then, logically, to John Barrowman. for those who do not know who he is, he's sort of like a semi-Scottish version of Jason Donovan, except he is not really like Jason Donovan all that much. i have no idea what Barrowman, for instance, has in his shampoo, citrus wise.

a book of Barrowman is, to me, a very exciting idea. almost as exciting, as it happens, as the idea of the same book being marked with different prices.

i can only imagine, or dare to assume and presume, that the dynamics of listing it for both £5.95 and £6.99 is some sort of peculiar test, really, set out to challenge the dedication and commitment people have to all things Barrowman Book related. the different pricing structure is made all the more peculiar, to me, by the fact that this is presently sold in one of them Pound shops for, as you can see, the fee of £1 to the punters of the general public. 

did i buy this book? no. he is not Jason Donovan, and nor is he the Scottish Jason Donovan. he was all right in that TV show where he was the time travelling, immortal vulcan or whatever, but that is where my interest ends. 

if you for some reason want to buy this book but cannot reach one of them Pound places, let amazon be your friend, or your gateway to Barrowman, in this respect. 

a brief break from shopping items. for some reason a disproportionate number of you really like it when i take a selfie that features a map, and indeed the corners of the image obscured by my new case pouch thing. here you go, then, enjoy. 

whereas i didn't purchase anything as such, i did have every intention of doing so. a couple of books caught my eye, and so i went looking for them. to my surprise, both were in stock.

i did not, alas, purchase them. i would like to say something intelligent here, like for instance i did not buy them as i already have a stockpile of 12 or so ready to read on the bus. it was for practical reasons, however, that i did not get them.

the first title to catch my attention was I Am Pilgrim. the plot and that make it sound like it is all good and very, very much boss stuff that is perfect for reading on the bus. alas, at 900 pages in length, all of which seem to be presented in a rather small print font size, it looked impractical for bus reading, especially when the bus does all that vibrating stuff.

also when, like the case was today, the bus driver has a brain melt and decides to take a tour of the suburbs. our driver, look you see, made a wrong turn on the way home. his efforts to correct this with another turn led to an even more wrong turn, and so we got stuck in some sort of middle class maze of fancy properties. we made it home, mind. eventually.

the second book i saw, The Martian, looks even more boss. however, it is presented in even smaller small print than what was found in the covers of the Pilgrim one. oh dear.

oh dear. both titles looked like superb paperback adventures, but not to be i am afraid. this is where, alas to a degree, the ebook is the big win. i shall purchase the electronic versions of both, then, and read them in a font size of my choosing. just as soon as i have finished reading this Eye Of The Tiger book that Sharpy said i should read. which has not, so far, featured quite as many ninjas as he promised.

anyway, that will do for now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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