Wednesday, September 17, 2014

on Scotland

hi there

i don't really have a view on this as i don't live there. however the vote goes tomorrow, well, that's the choice of the people who live there. as we live next door to them, we will just have to jolly well work out a way to accommodate the decision they make to live in a way they believe will be best for them.

i do, however, have a number of friends who seem actively interested in it all, and as they read this stuff from time to time it would be inappropriate for me not to acknowledge their direct or indirect interest.

this, i think, is one of them "we like you Scotland" flags on display in town today. quite a nice gesture. if that is what the flag is for.

what's the worst that can happen? a 98% vote yes, i suppose, with 97% of that 98% saying "i voted for it because of that cool, yet mostly fictitious, historically accurate film with that dude out of Mad Max in it, before he went mental on the ale". unlikely, look you see, but if that's what happens, i would be like, so? much of the world today is built on a foundation of fiction, but every now and then it still works out just fine.

if my comment there strikes you, in parts, as ill-informed at best, well then that's why i really don't have that much of a view. it has to be said, though, that ill-informed has been the order of the day with many comments.

i absolutely love, for instance, the way the "trending" news off of facebook is worded here. the reference to "No" voters as "opponents of independence" is priceless. one can only assume a "Yes" voter, who has accused certain media outlets (rightly or wrongly) of bias against the "Yes" vote, had a hand in writing that report that way.

still, the best thing ever to come out of this whole referendum debate and campaigning was that fella who got so upset with Derek Bowie saying he wanted Scotland to stay as part of the UK that he threatened to delete his 100% illegally downloaded collection of his music off of his laptop. undoubtedly Bowie felt very sorry for himself when he read that; tomorrow we shall see what consequence comes of such a staunch stance.

best of luck with whichever way the vote goes. there's an old saying that goes "people usually get the government they deserve". i know from my experiences in South Africa that's not always true. i am pretty sure Americans watching Obama throw military action at Ebola kind of didn't expect that when they voted for him. bonus, then, if Scotland gets to be the country the people want.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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