Saturday, May 12, 2018

a new calendar for the newish month


this, i know, look you see, is probably a little too late into the month to be of any considered, practical use. but, we are here now, it is done now, to be sure. yes, for those who for some reason use my blog for their calendar consultation requirements, here it is. at least, here it is for the month of May. in 2018.

indeed yes, for those following this story so far this year, i have elected to switch over to the Minecraft one, which i paid a quite reasonable 12p for. the "Babes" one off of Poundland was pleasant, like, but the corners kept curling in. cheap paper, cheap tat, perhaps.

am i a big fan of Minecraft? not especially. the boys seem to like it; from what i can gather it's sort of a quasi Lego computer game. please note, though, that i have no quarrel or issue with the game despite not being a fan; rather i just don't know all that much of it. except one can obtain cheap, branded calendars featuring it.

elsewhere in the house we have this magnificent Stonehenge calendar on display, what William made at school. i thought i would add this too, since the date information may not be all that clear for some of you on the Minecraft one.

certainly i was excited when William came home and informed us that he had a school project to do on Stonehenge. and yes, this excitement turned into disappointment when it turned out to be the other Stonehenge, which is to say the rocks and that rather than the classic song by Spinal Tap. nonetheless, i took this as an opportunity to show William a video recording of Spinal Tap performing Stonehenge, and he liked what he saw for he saw that it was good.

right, i will try and remember to a calendar update for you in June, too.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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