Friday, September 26, 2014

lighters, and a cavalcade of crap

hello there

a bit of a tiresome post, really. do please bear with me though. assuming that Royal Mail do not let me down, or "dis" me, then something should arrive for Sharpy tomorrow. assuming he lets me know it arrived (and i have every reason to believe he will be rather vocal), a smart post can be unleashed.

an even better one than that is an outrageously great joke i have created, but alas the CD i ordered two or so weeks ago has not arrived. so i cannot share it with you.

in the mean time, then, here are some lighters what i bought today, look you see.

yes, indeed i am supposed to be quitting / cutting down considerably, but you may be pleased to know that i continue to fail to spectacular success levels in this respect. anyway, even the most ardent of non-smoker would surely stop to purchase these? ace, they are.

well, if you like scary things and violent images, i suppose. for anyone who does not like that sort of thing i guess they are not ace at all, and might be somewhat intimidating.

yeah, the background there is the amazon box that our copy of something called Fifa 15 arrived in. there you go, bit of click bait for you.

i bought them lighters off of the pound shop, a place many of you will appreciate as the place where i find all sorts of awful, awful DVDs for a mere pound coin of money. did i purchase another slice of digital rubbish today? no. why not? well, have a look.

yes, that's right. they had 12 (twelve) slices of incredibly bad looking digital rubbish. i am, alas, only partially educated, and not prone to making informed decisions. the consequence, then, was that as i could not choose one of these titles from the other eleven, i chose none.

i appreciate this next bit could have me tarred and feathered as part of the "entitlement" generation. you know, those special people that think every decision in the world is made with them personally in mind. a particularly good example of late is, of course, that exceedingly special kind of arsehole who presses the "click here to download to your device" button on a U2 album and then take to the internet to express their dismay at having the new U2 album downloaded to their iTwat. mostly black American rappers are doing this, which at the least must be a nice change of pace for them from doing all them drive by shooting things.

so, getting back on track. i fear my pound shop may have missed a trick here. if i, as a regular purchaser of rubbish off of them, am the target market, then they should not perhaps have bombarded me all at once. if they had just put one or two up a week, or every two or three days, then. i would have had no qualm at all about buying them all over this more prolonged period.

that one with the fella waving the chainsaw on the front is, if we are honest, likely to get bought over the course of next week.

anyway, another look at them lighters.

i am assuming, or if you prefer presuming, that these lighters, much like the extra amount of crap DVDs, is all in some way related to Halloween not being far off?

right, that's that. i really hope that my CD turns up soon, otherwise i might forget about the joke that i have created around it.

oh yeah, and that the thing for Sharpy lands.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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