Thursday, September 11, 2014

safe shooting distance

hi there

i don't necessarily disagree with the charges that were dismissed. the State rushed to lay charges before investigating, assuming that they would find the evidence to prove the charge. usually one investigates then charges, not charge and then investigates. usually.

this doesn't mean the judge is right, though.

"He took a conscious decision, he knew where he kept his firearm and he knew where his bathroom was. This is inconsistent with lack of criminal capacity."

inconsistent with a lack of criminal capacity, you say? so he knew what he was doing, yeah?

"The intention to shoot however does not necessarily include the intention to kill."

and, something of a personal favourite,

"Clearly he did not objectively foresee this as a possibility that he would kill the person behind the door."

ladies and gentlemen, please, look at the below picture. cheers Sky.

that lady presenter is stood where Stumpie shot from, at a door that was there where you can see a toilet. what is it, in the wisdom of the judge, that Stumpie thought he was going to do by shooting four times with "dum dum" "zombie stopper" bullets? scratch the door a bit? give the blonde lady in there a bit of a fright?

the above statements are somewhat, to borrow a phrase, inconsistent with this.

"I am not persuaded that a reasonable person with his disability would have fired four shots into a small toilet cubicle."

i am not persuaded that any reasonable person, disability or not, would fire any shots at a bathroom door, let alone four. unless, of course, they intended to kill whoever was behind the door.

it was always wonderful and marvellous that they - apparently "by chance" - conjured up a black lady to be a judge for the benefit of the whole world watching this fabulous show trial. it might have been better, however, if they had instead found a competent, consistent judge and not worried so much about colour or gender. much like, for instance, it might have been much better if they had done some investigations and got a clear idea of what might have happened before throwing charges around.

whatever gets served up in the conclusion of this part of the circus tomorrow, one gets the sense it's not going to be what a reasonable person would consider justice.

wee wee with the door open.
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