Sunday, September 07, 2014

juicy shampoo

hello there

not much really, just a bit of a bonus post. actually, i am working on something more interesting than this, but i cannot really post pictures or anything of it before Spiros gets it. that will spoil the surprise for him. i will post all of that later, but for now, this.

my proprietor of choice today, the one that i would most commonly use on a Sunday, does not, alas, stock my rather treasured blended shampoo that has lemon in it, as prescribed for use by Jason Donovan in an interview just a little shy of over 25 years ago. this is, of course, something of a blow, but not a bad one.

when faced with such circumstances, i just adopt a rather more Guy Pearce approach to it. or, if you like, a Stefan Dennis one. actually, Stefan Dennis works better. this approach is to simply buy the cheapest one they have available instead, on the assumption that it shall be perfectly serviceable, and then moan about how awful it is after using in.

this time around, then, something calling itself alberto balsam, which i think is a name i have heard before, was the cheapest on the shelf, being 90p or some variant thereof. it has no lemon in it, but i cannot judge it on that basis, for none of the others had lemon in either. or they would have been bought. the pride, however, with which this one proudly states that it has juicy green apple in it was certainly a selling point, as if i needed a further selling point with how cheap it was.

no, i am not too confident that this stuff will be any good, but you never know. it might be. if it isn't, well, i suppose i shall have to pick up some of that blended lemon stuff instead then.

right, let me get stuff ready for Spiros.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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