Monday, May 14, 2018

promise not to stare too long


and so yet another "throwback" thing, look you see, even though this is not being written on a Thursday as such. no, in this instance it is not yet another look at "the beast from the east" or "storm emma", as that would be boring. instead, then, it is a look at the brief, maybe all too, return of the "beast from the east" what happened a week or so after we thought all the snow had gone.

the stability and strength of the Welsh is, i think you will find, illustrated by them plucky daffodils in the image above. for them it was spring, or if you will Spring, and so they were going to bloom no matter what the weather. indeed, quite, they are still going strong now that the snow has gone again.

exactly when did all this happen? it is easy to forget March, here in May, but still. i think, or as i recall, it was about a week after the first wave of snow and that. but, for precision, i am sure if you do one of them google things you will find more information.

why did it happen? according to them soothsayers, charlatans, warlocks and wizards who claim to be able to foresee the future down at the "met" weather office, it came off of Russia. this, of course, let to many columnists, humorists and other such socially inept types creating hysterical jokes along the lines of "well, at least it makes a change from Russia sending deadly poisons to kill traitors!!!". such jokes were met, in relatively equal measure, with contempt, slight chortle sounds, manic laughter from the deranged and a trifle of bemusement.

oh, indeed, William was thrilled with the return of the lovely, thick, fluffy, crisp (hello, Faye) snow. his new found passion and enthusiasm for sledging was kindled like a phoenix. unfortunately, indeed regrettably, he had not quite put the sledge away as we had instructed him to, hence the picture above being possible. so, then, no sledge action this time.

the biggest problem, or if you like gauntlet, thrown down by this if not unexpected then not particularly welcome, return of "the beast from the east" was what to call it. many elected for "the sequel". so, to this extent, this second wave of quasi spring or if you insist Spring snow got called things like.....

The Beast From The East 2 : Electric Boogaloo
Beast From The East II : Attack Of The Clones
Beast From The East 2 : Their First Assignment
The Dark Knight
The Beast From The East 2 : The Sequel
The Return Of The Beast From The East
Beast From The East II : The Wrath Of Khan
The Beast From The East : Age Of Ultron
Beast From The East 2 : Judgement Day

and other such nonsense. me, personally, i think, just called it "oh bother", or "oh dear me", or words to that effect. probably with a few vulgarities involved, to be honest.

yes, of course i sent Richard some images of the return of the snow. his response to that was, well, i think that you would be able to work that out in the above image. he was of course in another land; one which did not have any snow as such. quite pleasant weather, by the looks of it, and i am absolutely sure he was only having the one beer as it was the only thing to cool down with.

most of you will be here partially for a Richard picture, true, but also for some video. let me not disappoint, then, and give you some video of this second wave of snow.

how was driving in this seminal return of the snow? not so bad. we had some decent street clearances off of councils, which i am sure is not related to the fact that local elections are on the horizon and all down to them wanting to do the public service they are paid at a premium for. also, the snow seemed keenest to settle just on lands and grass rather than tarmac based roads.

for those wanting an illustration of this, well then, here you go, one image at random what i took on my travels.

does this post represent the last "throwback" to the snow of March? i would certainly hope so. if fortune smiles upon us all, then perhaps we can get on with some quality spring and summer, cheers. it would be most splendid not to see the snow for quite a while again, at least several months.

well, then, that's that. until the next post, i suppose.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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