Saturday, September 06, 2014


hi there

wow, six in six.

there have been some comments and suggestions about what i was going to do with some items i purchased for the weekend. which items? these ones if you want to see. most of the suggestions as what i have been up to, owing to the calibre of person i know and the (admittedly fair) low esteem in which i am held stem from the sexually perverse and branch out into the outright criminal.

whilst it is, to an extent, flattering that my friends, as such, have visions of me engaging in, if not conducting, all sorts of things from the remnants of their lurid, diseased minds, in truth i was only going to to see how all our stuff was in storage.

how was it? stored, really, pretty much as the term "in storage" would imply, if not indicate.

i had not, for a number of reasons, been able to make it up there to check on it all for a couple of months or so. as i am now allowed to drive our new wheels, what with me not knacking tyres on it, i decided to take a spin up and see, look you see.

yeah, i am waffling and padding this a great deal so the text looks all nice and that next to the picture. i suppose i could go ahead and do larger pictures in the middle, and limited text, but this juts looks nicer. even if i do not always have that much to say about the picture in question. like, for instance, how the purple corners of the blueberry pouch really, really accentuate the image here. well, i think so, at the least.

another reason, other than to check on things (all fine), for my visit was to replace the lock. the existing one, or if you like original, was somewhat weathered by the, erm, weather the last time i saw, and i did not think that the climate of the last several weeks would have done it any favours.

it had not, as you can sort of see here. that is the reason i took the liberty of purchasing some lubricant, in the form of that WD-40 stuff.

yes, that worked a treat, that stuff did. hence the earlier picture showing the door open. sorry about that, if i had the pictures the other way around i suppose an element of suspense or similar could have been brought to this blog post.

the WD-40 stuff worked so well that i did - briefly - actually consider just sticking with the old lock. did i? well, that would be telling at this stage. let me not reveal that right now, then. allow me to learn from my earlier plot reveal folly and refrain from sharing that information from you just now.

i said that i had not knacked the car, or any element of it. this, i am happy to say, remains somewhat true, dear reader. although i did, for a moment or two suspect or think that maybe it was in some sort of distress, if not knacked, by the presence of a warning thing on the dashboard.

apparently if that light is flashing then it might be that the car is knacked. however, if it just stays on, it means there might be a "high level" of emissions coming out of the exhaust. a high level of emissions, you say? from the exhaust of a combustion engine driven vehicle running on fossil fuel? my goodness, whatever next.

anyway, everything was alive and in perfect hibernation in storage. this is good. all this stuff, lest we forget, braved the seas, where salty sea dogs, waves, sharks and Somali pirates were surely tempted to interfere with it.

finding things that i specifically want in storage is somewhat tricky. this despite, it being at least the case in reason, everything in there being ordered and numbered. i just sometimes cannot reach certain boxes, and am not always sure what is in those numbered boxes.

i did, at the least, find one of the boxes i was looking for. i mention this as otherwise it is for no apparent reason at all that i took this picture.

except actually it is not DVD TV in there, it is my collection of blu ray players. i have grown somewhat tired of using a DVD player, so decided to unpack a blu ray player for use around the home.

i just couldn't alas, find any of the boxes that had blu ray discs as such in. oh dear. i had a look around, but was somewhat exhausted from all the lifting i had done, both in storage and in regards of another unspecified matter in relation to a mattress. what mattress? you will have to ask my (considerably) better half on that front, it is not my story to tell.

i've had a gander, though, on the web for blu ray discs that i do not presently own. i thought i would look for one of my all time favourite movies of all time, Body Double. the price of the blu ray, however, suggests that i do not really need to own it right now.

over on ebay, however, i found this VHS copy going for 99p.

it was what you can see there that caused me and Norman Bastard to first see the film. no, not Craig bloody Wasson in it, the fact that the presence of Frankie Goes To Hollywood in the film was slammed on the cover. they were ace in it too, and indeed the whole film is a most excellent one. if not one for all tastes.

i am tempted to pick up this VHS, even though i have absolutely no use for it at all. but it has Frankie Goes To Hollywood written on it.

you want a picture of me having a cigarette outside of storage, whilst i think about either pulling out more boxes to look for discs? sure.

as we disposed of, or gave away, more than what we brought with us, i am really rather glad that we had a big clear out before heading home, in truth. as things stand, i really suspect we have brought too much with us as it is. no idea what we will end up doing with everything, but i suspect i know of a few people who will have suggestions for the vinyl records hidden away here.

what will we eventually do with all of this? unpack it, i suppose, as and when we establish a property, or perhaps an estate, that can withhold all of it and us with some comfort. that's not right now, alas.

a fair bit of it might well end up getting disposed of.

the film i have on right now is total rubbish, but more on that just now, dear reader.

anyway, as you can see, everything here is kind of neat, tidy and in order. as i have opened boxes to take stuff out i have taped them up, hence the scissors and indeed the tape from the picture in that other post. just what is it that people thought i was going to get up to with all of that?

actually i do have a blu ray disc here, but i am not watching it right now. at that place where i get all them discs without boxes for 49p, right, one of them turned out to be a blu ray of one of the lesser Transformers films. so that was put on earlier, just to test the machine. how was it? the machine works fine, the film was certainly lesser.

anyhow, i have decided to have a look at this Nazi Zombie Death Tales disc i picked up during the week.

it's really rubbish, it is. dire, in some respects. not really worth the pound sterling i invested in it, even though there's something of a boob flash in the first few minutes. i may well switch it off, and have a look at something else to put on. probably a cowboy or something on TV.

ah yes, the padlock dynamic dilemma. what did i decide to do? well, as nice as the WD-40 stuff worked on the original padlock, there is no doubting that somewhat colder, wetter and perhaps even more snow like weather will be here sooner or later. i decided, thus, to rather fit what claims to be a "weatherproof" padlock.

it looks like it will do the job, which isn't much of a job, really. i mean, a hefty kick would break it off, i suspect. it's just there for "tradition", i suppose. trust me - the location of our stuff is quite safe.

sorry, just a quick break - in this film one of the nazi zombies is a japanese ninja kung fu type, with a kamikaze headband on. this film may well turn out to be quite smart.

yeah, i am not really worried at all about anyone who has no business being near our stuff getting near our stuff. the would, i would fancy, rather regret an attempt to do so. but i am sure they are aware of that and thus shall not try.

right, let me try and see if this film turns out to be any good or not.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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