Friday, September 19, 2014

Spiros and the new BFF

hi there

not really much of anything, but i thought i had better check in. especially, and i appreciate many of you are interested in this, as Spiros has sent some news. some news and, indeed, a picture to go with it.

Spiros is, as we know, down in Laaayndohn, innit. most of his time, it seems, is spent either drinking spesh or meths and, not long after, sleeping under some hedges, making rather a spectacle of himself with accidents in his pants.

when not doing that, he likes to mince around  a bit, making friends and learning how sensational life is down in the capital city. mincing is his new means as, you may recall, taxi drivers have for some reason expressed an interest in him no longer using their services. no matter, dear reader, for walking around has allowed Spiros to make a new friend or two. some of them, like for instance the driver of this truck, are not even vagrants or people who are in such a state of distress that they see Spiros giving them his soiled pants as being something of an improvement to their present state.

the friendship, i gather, blossomed all but instantly, momentarily after Spiros explained to the truck driver how enthralled and excited he was by the name of the company which the truck represents. reciprocal wishes were directed at Spiros in that most charming of cockney greetings, which is to say that yes indeed, the truck driver called Spiros a "c***".

of the many observations Spiros has made in London, the versatility of the use of the word "c***" has impressed him the most. in London they, apparently, use the word in the same way the rest of the world uses the letter e - frequently, and with many different meanings.

i am all but certain that this happy go lucky chap meant it in the friendly way. not the nasty way, or the descriptive way. no, surely not, for why would anyone call Spiros that?

am i particularly bothered or jealous that Spiros seems to have a new BFF? not really, to be honest. in many respects i am delighted for him. for years now Spiros has wanted a friend whom he could exchange terms of endearment with at a substantial volume and across streets. happy days for both of them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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