Thursday, September 04, 2014

tyre, lock and disc

hi there

i am, somewhat slowly, coming to the possible conclusion that i am unlikely to find much of sensational excellence in the world of DVDs that are on sale for £1. oh, fear not, i shall keep trying to find something that is of sensational excellence, but i think we must brace ourselves, dear reader, for the chances of success being slim to none. 

what disc is it that i tried this approach with today? much more detail later, but for now here is a hint of it, sticking ever so slightly out of my bag. 

yes, indeed it does look exciting, does it not? just be patient, more later. or don't be patient, go right ahead and scroll down if you would rather just see stuff about that disc.

meanwhile, for those of you, in the words of the almost legendary Axl Rose, with patience, here is a picture of a tyre.

more specifically, it is a tyre on the new wheels; wheels that i have reviewed extensively in other corners of the blog here, look you see. yeah, a new tyre.

the original one, apparently caused some great displeasure to my (considerably) better half. so, as her rational ways dictated, she saw fit to ensure it was slashed to destruction, if you like FUBAR, on a suitable pothole. hence the new one.

does the new one please her? so far yes, yes it does. she has not engaged in the act of FUBAR on it yet, and let us hope that remains the case.

James is also rather delighted with the new one. he did not, in any way, shape or form, consider the original, or if you like initial, one satisfactory. as you can see, he is most pleased with the one now in place.

do i care what tyre is on the car? not really, or at least no further than it is fit for purpose and does all that is expected of it, and what it was manufactured to do. getting personally involved with tyres, or any sort of vulcanised product, strikes me as something of a waste of emotions.

yes, back to the DVD, then. Nazi Zombie Death Tales was a disc i spotted this morning, right, and tried to take a picture of in the shop. my blueberry, however, was having none of it, saying "file system unavailable" or similar rubbish when i tried to save the image. so i, perhaps inevitably, bought it.

it is the temperamental ways of the blueberry that has seen me return to using it for pictures. i know some of you will be disappointed in this, after all them exciting C64 mode pics off of the iTwat lately, but there you go. i assume the blueberry got jealous and that is why it stopped working for a bit. so to make it feel better, these pictures were taken using it.

it might well be the case that, at £1, i have made a shrewd investment here, reader dearest. according to amazon, you cannot currently get a new or used copy of the disc for less than that, which is something. just because you cannot get it for cheaper than the price i made does not, of course, in any way guarantee that i have made an investment that i might get some sort of meaningful return off of. but, at the least, there exists at the moment the prospect that i might, somehow. who knows, profit may come from the rewards attained to my heart and mind by simply watching it. 

today i also bought a new padlock. a waterproof one, no less. a double locking one too, apparently.

i was interested to see that it says it is "waterproof". these days companies tend not to make such audacious claims, lest they get sued. instead, then, they use softer terms like "weather proof", which are far wider and open in terms of interpretation in the eyes of the law. like, you know, the many interpretations possible by lawyers about how and why, for example, someone would shoot a bathroom door four times and then belt it with a cricket bat.

today i wore my class new-ish shirt with anchors on it. search the blog for images of it, if you must, but surely, people, you have the imagination to conjure in your mind what an anchor looks like. anyway, as luck would have it, no less than two chaps, chaps that look like they have an appreciation for the outdoor life and liquids laced with alcohol that have been scavenged rather than obtained, crossed my path. they both, strangely, had the look of being a salty sea dog about them. i am very happy to report that i can be light of foot as and when required, and i moved away from them as quickly as i possibly could, lest they see my shirt as some sort of bizarre invitation to the sort of bum interference they apparently are quite partial to when away at sea.

do i think all sailors are like that? no, not at all. but them ones whose eyes suggest that they only will to live they have to clutch at is to be salty sea dogs that spread misery are not to be tested.

back to this disc. why did i buy it? you saw the title, yeah? how bad could it all possibly be?

actually, pretty terrible, i suspect. if you have clicked on any of the links above, you will see that the viewers of this film are less than thrilled with what they saw.

well, that's not true. some like some of it, it seems.

what does it look like the plot is? well, according to what i can see off of the box, and them links i mentioned, it seems to be three "intertwined" stories. i am assuming the inter, or perhaps the twined, element is the presence of nazi zombies in all of them, yeah?

nazi zombies seem, for some reason, to be cropping up in a large number of films at the moment. was there some sort of recent historical discovery (as opposed to a future discovery) that suggested much of the third reich, or whatever it was, were in fact them zombie things that Brad Pitt recently knacked several of in that movie? i would have thought such a thing would have been in the newspapers, but i have not seen anything. then again, i do not really read newspapers that often, so i might have perhaps missed it.

here's a bit of a partial close up of the back of the box.

it says it has a 15 certificate, and also that there is "one scene of strong sex". one of these must be incorrect, as those two do not naturally exist in the Victorian values of the BBFC. i am assuming they see a flash of a bra as "strong sex".

a note to the producers, or possibly the disc manufacturers - if you state that there are "hidden easter eggs" on the disc, they are no longer easter eggs. they are extras that you have made annoying to find, but all the same given the game away that they are there.

note to David something, writer of Where The Dead Lay, the book i am reading. you are writing in the third person. there really is no need for you to change non-dialogue third person descriptive slang from chapter to chapter to suit the characters being written of. that sort of defeats the point of third person narrative, and makes it confusing for the reader. it is bloody annoying to do so. i really hope you pack it in for the rest of the book. i do not know what a Lee Child is, i do not care what a Lee Child is and i do not see how you being a mate with whatever a Lee Child is allows you to do this sort of thing. at all.

right, that will do. if i ever watch this disc, i will try to remember to post some comments here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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