Monday, September 29, 2014

serious, street and socialism

hi there

one of them posts that underlines there is no limit to the absolute lack of things of general interest i won't share here. oh sure, one or two may find it interesting, that's why i keep doing this.

i was in HMV earlier today. this, i would suppose, is not all that much of a surprise, as even at my 40+ age i consider the HMV to be the most excellent thing ever. oh sure, they are overpriced and never have all that much that i want, but they are still HMV. and, in fairness, every now and then one gets a result like that Alpha Papa blu ray set i posted the detail of a while ago.

basically, i saw this and decided "i probably need a new card holder thing for my bus pass".

oh, indeed, yes. some, what, six or so years later and the iconic imagery of The Dark Knight is still pretty stunning. and i, like absolutely everyone else honest enough to admit it, thought the casting of Heath Ledger as The Joker was some sort of practical joke at the time.

did i actually need a new bus pass holder thing? no. the one i have that is of The Terminator is still perfectly serviceable, thanks. just a change is as good as a rest, and all that, so why not?

if the above is of interest, then the next picture is not. well, maybe. Spiros was quite excited about a picture taken of a street, so as he was kind enough to recently share a picture of some spew, here you go.

yes, child of the condiment phoenix, indeed i was sat there when i took the picture. no, no giddy sense to it, just minding my own business.

speaking of Spiros, a rare non-selfie picture of me, taken not by Spiros, but my (considerably) better half. Spiros just happened to supply the magazine i am reading.

Spiros, look you see, is in his generosity always eager to sign me up for anything at all he can find. some bloke, presumably whilst waiting for a taxi in London, started talking to Spiros about socialism. Spiros did not hesitate or waver in handing over my name and address to the chap in question, informing him to send on "anything at all" about socialism. so i now get this magazine on a regular basis.

interesting reading, it is. insightful and very educational.

back of bus pass holder? back of bus pass holder.

well, it wasn't really likely to have anything else written on it, was it?

and, that's that. also, as my CD has not turned up - but i have ordered a second copy - that's probably that for updates in September. i am sure something of interest or consequence will arrive in October, and thus i shall post away with gay abandon.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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