Monday, September 08, 2014

the AA emergency car kit - high quality, low price (before the end of 2014)

hello there

cor, blimey, another "proper" blog post from me, and one that i hope is of some use to the people who stop by here. for those who come past here just for rubbish and nonsense, my most considered of apologies, except that i am not sorry, as this one is actually a pretty good thing that i have stumbled upon.

some context, then, for people who really like context. as regular readers shall recall, i have made a substantial contribution to a road trip Sharpy has propose we take. he will provide the car, petrol, the means for me to smoke and driving skills. i have, as a partial sign if gratitude, purchased a map. this map cost me an entire £1, which i think makes it a pretty even contribution for the two of us. 

anyway, here is the map book once more, for you to have a gander. 

yes, that is a pretty impressive map book for £1, is it not? quite class it is too, has loads of places that you can drive around to and that. 

the more astute, indeed observant, of you will notice that the map book above is resting upon an item or two. or more, even. if some of what it is resting upon looks quite like the items advertised on the front of the map, that would be no mistake, for that is indeed what you can see. 

it looked rather like a wise thing to buy to have in the car, so i actively encouraged my (considerably) better half to order it. which she did. this was last Thursday, i think. Thursday or Friday night. and then on the Monday it was delivered. how amazing to live in a land with decent delivery services.

it's all good and well selling something for less than half price, but what purpose is there in that if the actual products are of no use, or no benefit, look you see? well, let's have a gander at what you get for £29.99 (delivery included, no less). 

lots and lots of shiny, practical stuff. high grade, high quality shiny and practical stuff. the AA, after all, are a trusted name around the world, and didn't get to that status by just slamming their name on any old rubbish.

the contents in full, since the next picture is not as clear as i had hoped, would be :

1 x booster cables ("jumper leads")
1 x foot pump
1 x super strong tow cable thing
1 x hazard / warning triangle
1 x high visibility vest
1 x "mega" torch
1 x high visibility heavy duty bag

for £29.99? a bit of a no-brainer, even for someone like me, who is something of a simpleton when it comes to what to do when a car breaks and that. 

the above all says that you should really buy this map book in order to qualify for the deal. if for some reason you cannot find the map book for sale, i suspect the AA won't mind if you went right ahead and went along to buy this, using that "DRIVER" code to do so. you have a limited time in which to do it, however, as the ad says that come the end of December this deal is no more.

this is not, of course, a complete kit for a car in case of emergency. it is, however, one hell of a good start. i suppose, with winter getting closer rather than further away, i had best have a look at some sort of shovel thing to hoy in the car, for the times as and when snow get to be an issue.

will i be getting a kit like this to take along when Sharpy picks me up and we go on this road trip? no. it would be disrespectful of me to assume he wouldn't go to any expense required to make sure we had all of the stuff we needed for the road trip. knowing him he will contact the AA, tell them to shove their discounted price and insist that he be permitted to pay in full.

for those checking in here on the progress of something that i posted to Sprios, i can give some good news. it has been posted. now we just have to wait for him to take receipt of it, and i shall reveal all here.

anyway, that's that. i hope that this is all of some use to someone or other, and please be safe on the roads.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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