Thursday, September 25, 2014

spew, scan and butters

hi there

well, isn't modern technology something. no, i am not talking about bendable phones - i could not care less about them, and if i could, i would simply ask what sort of idiots sits on a phone for 13 hours anyway.

i am, of course, talking about how my chum Spiros can take a picture of something interesting, no matter where he is - even somewhere as remote and as backward as London - and send it on to me. which, as regular readers here will know, is something that happens from time to time.

my morning bus journey was, in many ways, beautified by the arrival of this image on my phone as i was sat reading. it is an image of, Spiros assures me, some spew.

this is, as you are well aware, the sort of thing which excites Spiros a very great deal indeed. i get excited, of course, about the idea that he gets excited about this.

is it a spew that Spiros did? no. he does, however, dream of a life where he roams around, swigging meths and spesh, throwing up all over without a care in the world.

the last i heard of Spiros today was when he got, believe it or not, even more excited. this was due to a lady standing in the spew you can see here. apparently it made quite a mess of her shoes, as it would, i suppose. Spiros was so excited about this that he, in a very sort of Pride & Prejudice way, decided he was going to take a picture of her shoes. the lady in question, however, seemed to be not at all pleased about this, and gave him quite a funny, if not peculiar, look.

i very much doubt that any sort of look would have prohibited Spiros from trying to get a picture. for all i know, then, he is currently still being detained by the tube or public transport constabulary. they are an organization or if you will institution, that probably take a somewhat dim view of gents taking pictures of ladies shoes.

anyway, look you see, onwards. two things happened today that spread a little sun through the hollow, shallow and pretty much empty existence i kind of mooch through. both are indeed visible in the next picture. but first, some sort of story for you.

i had reason today to deposit a cheque. a cheque is, as you know, one of those things that one forever hears will be phased out and become obsolete. yeah, right. banks make a huge amount of money off of issuing them and clearing them. i promise you, they will ditch ATM cards before they ditch cheques, as they get quizzed on ATM fees but no one utters a word about cheque costs.

it was not the amount of the cheque which brought sunlight to a darkened world, oh no. i mean, the amount was nice, but fairly nominal, it was what happened next that pleased me so.

yes. the ATM prints out a class, thermal paper scanned image of the cheque you have just deposited. that's amazing, man. well, it impressed me. if it did that with cash deposits, i would probably stand there most days, drawing money then depositing it again just to see the class scanned image.

so anyway, probably of more interest to you is the DVD set of A Very Buttery Collection that you can see. what a find this was, and at a low price too. i was thrilled to see that i was not the only fan of Butters off of South Park in the world, then. actually, the chap in the shop was quite the fan too, and we had a substantial chat about some of his greatest ever moments.

moments that are, presumably or perhaps of course, captured across this two disc set.

i know it has the episode where he follows his Dad around and watches him "not be very good at wrestling". it also, i believe, has the episode in which Butters has to mine $100million in coal overnight to avoid his parents selling him as a pet to Paris Hilton. boss.

i may well watch some of them now, as it happens.

and i really like that scanned image on the slip thing, man.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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