Sunday, September 14, 2014

more Boba Fett merchandise

hello there

yes, another thing bought with Boba Fett on it, but this time i didn't buy it. i own it, granted, but i did not buy it. nice one Sharpy, many thanks for the gift and i can only hope the carefully selected stuff i shoved in the post for you has landed.

but you don't want to hear about things sent to Sharpy, do you? no, you want to see the Boba Fett air freshener, for that is what i have, in action. well, then, in a post almost exclusively dedicated to the Boba Fett air freshener, here you go.

quite smart, as you can very much see for yourself there. unless your attention has been inexplicably, and yet understandably, been drawn to the lone rock or boulder type thing you can see there.

the packaging for the Boba Fett air freshener, or if you like the air freshener of Boba Fett, promised that it would smell of vanilla. this, indeed, it does. very much so. none more vanilla, really. exceedingly, perhaps exceptionally, strong, the scent is with this one, look you see.

actually a post all about an air freshener, even one with Boba Fett on it, would be pretty boring. so here's a random picture i found on the internet recently.

boss, that is. i particularly like the jacket the chap has on. which one? all five that are visible or partially visible, really, but mostly the one the dude in the middle has. look at the collars, man, they are ace.

where did i find this picture? i would rather, to be honest, not say. but if you insist, it is from the same place that a picture coming up a little later is also from.

as regular readers of this blog will undoubtedly appreciate, i am a big, big fan of Jeongwoo Hong. his are the comments i seek on any and all new developments regarding memory cards. i am sure this is true for you too, but in case you missed it, this pic here, off of that facebook thing, is what he has to say on the 512GB SD card. i am sure you all agree he is quite on the button.

a 512GB card? that's the size of a stamp, and about the width of an envelope. if you have a user friendly phone or tablet you can put this in it, if you like, to give you some substantial memory. sorry, Apple users, Apple only like your money, not you, and so have not built anything with a slot for this.

"you will use what memory we decide you will use" is how it works over at Camp Apple. many people are happy to convince themselves that this is fine, and good luck to them. as for me, i am looking forward to being able to get one of these and shove it into a device not made by Apple.

here, you people like ducks, don't you. here is a video of some ducks.

what's not to like about ducks? if anyone has clicked on this, seen the ducks and been terribly offended, i would be mildly interested in knowing why. i will probably read the first few words of your complaint, and then just sort of assume the rest and then forget all about it. but still, interested.

Star Trek : The Motion Picture was on TV yesterday. boss, that film is. many people don't like it, claiming it's boring. well, i suppose it is a bit slow in parts, but it's really enjoyable viewing.

i had forgotten, right, about one of the main Jedi in it, Spock, being in something of a hippie phase right at the start of the film. i tried to take a picture of it, but i am not sure it came out all that well. if i had googled i could have probably got a better image, but it's not really all that important.

what was my favourite Star Trek? the same as everyone else, really, the Wrath Of Khan. that one with him off of Fantasy Island in it. no, the taller one. well, OK, some like that one where they dick around with the whales, but i got bored with that one.

if i, and i am not saying that this has happened as such as yet, drove into some one and they for some reason ended up clinging on to the front of my car, this is how the Boba Fett air freshener would look to them.

quite smart, i believe, and in all likelihood a view which will help them calm down and feel not too bad about the predicament or state of distress they find themselves in.

now then, to the north of me i appreciate the people are troubling themselves with a vote of some importance. that's fair enough, but there's also a life to be had after that, no matter what result comes about. a way to enhance that life is, certainly, by seeing Brian Nash perform in Scotland on September 27. 

many of the people reading this shall be all too aware of how ace Nasher is, and if you can get along to see him, well then so much the better. i doubt very much that i can make it that far, but it would not be for want or lack of desire. if you can get there, then, be there on my behalf, and enjoy the music.

whilst out shopping today i noted that there seem to be a whole, perhaps veritable, whack of merchandise pertaining to that Fifty Shade Of Grey thing. the items for the ladies of society were far too provocative, raunchy and - to an extent - outrageous to take a pic of and post here, but the stuff for the gentry seems safe to share.

no, i have not read the books. i read the first couple of pages of the first one and it didn't strike me as something that i would find particularly interesting. a conversation with my (considerably) better half, however, has strongly suggested that i should pick up the paperbacks of them and read them on the bus. it might see me attract the attention of some pretty interesting people, apparently.

i have, however, a stack of books to read at the moment. perhaps, if i see them cheap enough, i will get them and read them on the bus closer to Christmas or something.

here, as promised, then, is another class picture i found on the internet. it looks like someone is taking a picture of whoever it was that took this picture, which is ace.

no, i am not really of a mind to discuss the source. that jacket is very smart, mind. i think, at least, this and the other picture are off of the 70s, but then again very few people are wearing flares so now i am not too sure.

it is remotely possible that The Beastmaster came up in conversation over the weekend. a good friend made a passing reference to a film that sounded like it, although used a different but similar sounding name.

i have no idea if this is the one he meant or not; a passing reference to it was, from his side, thus far, as far as the conversation went.

i am sure he will have a gander at that whole social network thing again in the not too distant future, see my observations (which pretty much amount to the above comments) and pass further comment. or, possibly, he won't, if he is not too trouble or bothered about it. however, as i obtained this image of him off of V in it, it seemed a waste not to post it here too.

yes, that indeed is Billy Bragg. what's that? he's a twat? why yes, of course he is. only once in his entire career have i ever heard anything from him that made any sense at all, but otherwise no thanks. well done to him on the career he has carved out.

a career, look you see, that apparently included a hitherto unknown about stint in REM. this is, at the least, according to Google and Wikipedia, who list the Braggster as being a member of the band. indeed, all of his top songs are ones that you would associate with them. i had no idea that he was in them, but that in many respects explains my less than enthusiastic stance on REM.

why do i dislike the Braggster? because he is patently jealous of the fact that his right-on, down with the kids, i am left wing, comrade approach has not quite granted him the love-in popularity or sales of a Paul Weller or Bono.  he is the number one go-to guy for NME, and many others, when a dick is very urgently needed to slag off or bad mouth another artist. musicians attacking other musicians is pretty pathetic at the best of times, but it is all the sadder when someone perpetually does it and does not notice that those times are the only ones they appear in the music press or news.

i will have to have a gander at these REM albums again, then, i believe. pay a bit closer attention to the credits on the record, see exactly what he did on them.

another look at the Boba Fett air freshener on the go? sure, why not kids.

where can you get your own air freshener of Boba Fett from? no idea at all, folks. ask Sharpy. 

and that's about that, really. more, no doubt, at a later stage. unless i work out how to "backdate" these posts, as foolish as doing such a thing would be.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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