Friday, September 05, 2014

iPod classic pouch gamble

hi there

not all that much, really, except maybe some practical information for those who, like me, prefer the 'at least it has buttons' ways of the proper version of an iPod. as i have, somehow, managed an update a day for the whole of September thus far (yes, all five days) i figures i might as well continue.

first off, though, i am of a mind to unleash some ambitious plans this weekend. these plans involve some rather delicate requirements, and i am most indebted to the store i purchased these items from for their no questions asked approach.

no, i am not inclined to reveal their name at this stage. i am, as i said, just delighted to be able to access the items that i required freely and with no suspicion. well, mostly. obviously i would have preferred a somewhat different form of lubricant, but hey ho, it is possible that the WD-40 stuff may work out even better.

what am i of a mind to do? never you worry. never you worry, at least, look you see, if you have not upset me of late. say, for instance, in the last decade or so.

so anyway, avid google enthusiasts will be here, presumably, solely for what one does if they have a "classic" iPod that they are looking for a pouch or case for.

i know i got the belt thing and the armband thing, as per the review at the time, but then again i did say that i wanted to get a bit more protection for the actual device itself.

searching around for a pouch or case for mine, what i believe is called the iPod Classic 30GB 5th Generation, proved to be somewhat fail-like in its approach. no one, it seems, stocks or sells pouches or cases of consequence for this model.

eventually i decided to take a punt, or if you like bit of a gamble, on a pouch which said it was for the 80GB - 160GB range, a series i am reliably informed as being 6th Generation iPod things. as Apple are notorious, legendary even, or frankly just openly p!ss annoying, for making the slightest of size changes to different models, i had no idea if my one would fit in. as it happens, and as you shall see in more detail just now, i am happy to say that it does.

so, there you go, pretty much the only practical element of this post - if you have one of the 5th Gen iPods, the first (i think?) that did video, then a "6th Gen" pouch should do the job for you. and you can find loads and loads of them around and about.

did i today have time to nip in to one of my favourite shops and randomly purchase DVDs that had no boxes but, as a consequence, were 49p each? most assuredly.

weirdly, i have not owned a copy of The Abyss since the days of VHS, so i was rather happy to have found that. also the Eddie Izzard one, Circle. i think maybe this is the one that he does the "tyranny of ducks" thing on. or maybe the "Death Star canteen" thing. or neither. or both. anyway, it is all Eddie, so it is all good.

i suspect, however, you are somewhat more likely to be interested in the 5th Generation iPod Classic 30GB in a pouch ostensibly, if not theoretically, designed with a mind for the 6th Generation model. sure.

i am happy to say it fits very nicely indeed in this into that belt pouch that i bought and am so fond of. obviously, the right wing armband of flash and loyalty to Apple precludes the use of any impurity such as this pouch being use in conjunction with it.

right, then, to finish off, a random page from that Where The Dead Lay book i am reading. actually not random as such, since my bookmark is there, it is obviously the part of the book that i am up to, or thereabouts.

a comment i made in passing, to take up some space next to a picture yesterday, had the unexpected effect, indeed affect, of a request for a picture of the text of the book i am reading to be shown here. go, as it were, figure. as i remain baffled that anyone reads this stuff, i am always delighted to get requests, and deliver on them a much as i can.

for the record, this is the ideal size text for a book to read on the bus. not ludicrous in size, either big or small. the chapters are somewhat perfect too, with none thus far exceeding 12 or so pages. ideal to be able to gauge when to stop reading, if it looks like your stop is approaching, or rather you are approaching it i guess. i really don't like stopping reading mid-chapter, otherwise what would be the point of chapters, look you see.

am i enjoying this novel? not really, in truth. interesting enough for the bus journey, but not as exciting or as enthralling as it could be. but more on that as and when it is time to do a full review.

right, that will do.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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