Tuesday, September 09, 2014

HMV, U2, Air Freshener, Frankie, Bowie, Alan Partridge and You

hi there

this post is probably all about the glamour of commercialisation, so you have been warned. communist readers are likely to be offended, but then again communists should probably not be using a capitalist pig-dog thing like the internet, so please close the door behind you as you go on your way to some sort of socialist concern, or perhaps a Billy Bragg gig.

first off, strange goings-on at HMV. they are doing some sort of (well, not some sort, an exact and actually this) blu-ray disc sale, at a rate of 5 (five) for £30, or £6 a disc to you, guv'nor. i had a browse and was, to put it mildly, rather surprised to see this available as part of the deal. 

yeah, that's Alpha Papa, the rather brilliant Alan Partridge film. as part of a sale? the movie, lest we forget, is barely a year old - unusual for such a recent film to be in a lowest price theoretically possible sale.

all the more peculiar is that it is an "ultra deluxe" set, containing the film (and extras) on both blu-ray and DVD, along with the soundtrack CD. and a nice book. for £6? some perspective on that price - over at amazon, one finds the 2 disc blu-ray and DVD "steelbook" (no soundtrack CD) on sale for £28, no less. i see. quite a deal, then, and one i was not of a mind to decline.

more on that just now, but here is some unsolicited mail i got today. 

what is it? an air freshener, apparently. it says on the envelope that it comes from a company that are some sort of self appointed, or self anointed i suppose, kings of air freshener.

that is reasonably interesting, but i suspect some of you have a greater interest in seeing more of this Alpha Papa box thing. and why not, indeed.

speaking of soundtrack CDs, an interesting day in music today. it takes some doing, it does, to have Derek Bowie announce that he is releasing a new song (or two) and that turns out to be only the second biggest music story of the day. that was overshadowed somewhat by the fact that everyone's favourite band that is 75% Irish, 25% Cockney, U2, have, gone and surprised everyone by releasing their new album for free today, although granted only via an iTwat download. wow.

the news of new Bowie is exciting, but it has to be tempered with the fact that it is a reject off of The Next Day that was not considered good enough to flog as part of The Next Day Extra. also, it is being put out to help him flog yet another greatest hits thing. oh. anyway, i will take any Bowie over no Bowie, thanks.

more of the Alpha Papa box? sure, why not.

what's the new U2 album like? no idea, mate. i have it on my iTwat, and that's my morning bus trip pretty much sorted, then. i was going to start reading a new book, but it can wait. i notice quite a few people are complaining about it though. yeah, that's right - one of, if not then, biggest band in the world give an album away for free, making it instantly available to some 500 million people, and the kids are finding something to complain about.

speaking of music, this question came up on that show about millionaires, or whatever it is. the one where they give you money, but you don't have to open a box, or throw darts, or be near Jasper Carrot.

very well done to you indeed if you can answer the question asked. although if the correct answer had been D, that would have been amazing, man.

more Alpha Papa box stuff? sure, why not, here's a look at the book that came with it - in itself something brilliant, all new, fresh and very funny stuff indeed in it.

oh, you are not at all interested in the Alpha Papa uber box set thing, but you really like air fresheners that are designed to go in cars? then you are really going to love this.

yeah, that's a Boba Fett air freshener right there. nice one Sharpy mate, many thanks indeed mate! looks smart that does, and smells, as it says on the packet that it is intended to, of vanilla. vanilla is ace. if all things smelled of vanilla, the world would be a much better place. maybe. probably would not be worse, at least, except for all them vanilla haters.

despite U2 happily giving the album away for free, some "fan" has posted a comment on the internet somewhere saying you are "not much of a fan" if you accept the album for free. i see. does anyone have an address for Bono, or Edge, or them other two that no one remembers the name of? i can send them a postal order, i suppose.

a last look at the Alpha Papa box? sure.

right, off with me for another day, then. more or less. for those of you all excited about that thing that i said i sent to Spiros, well, he still has not got it in the post, so i cannot post any details of it here, as that would temper and indeed spoil the surprise for him. as and when he gets it, though, details to follow here.

hope this has been of some use to you, and Coogan fans, off you go to HMV, i guess!

thanks again Sharpy for the air freshener and that. well, just the air freshener, i suppose, as there was nothing else. except the good will and kindness, both of which a delight to receive.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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