Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Barbs, box and Bono

hello there

blimey, it's been a prolific month for posts thus far. no idea at all why, that's just how it has gone. now that i have said that, watch the post count drop off to nowt for the remainder of the month, i suppose. which may not be all that bad a thing; look you see. surely a break from my nonsense would not a bad thing be at all.

here, ladies and gents, is a box. be not fooled, you, by the size of the image. it is, as i am sure your skills at depth perception have indicated, quite a large box. it also, unmistakably perhaps, has the clear markings that it is a box off of amazon.

what, you may well ask, just what is in that box? all shall be revealed soon. or really quick, if you just scroll down.

let it be said, though, that this box is utterly ridiculous for what is inside it, and the ludicrous size of the box meant that it arrived - or rather was collected - one day later than it was supposed to have been with us. i am, then, not at all happy, so you can expect some ardent, perhaps passionate, whining and moaning as and when we return to the subject of this box in a mere few moments from now.

speaking of moaning, yes, twats are still indeed going off on one about just how "intrusive" Apple and U2 have been in issuing the means to get a free album by U2 on your iTwat of choice. someone called "Tyler The Creator" has been quite vocal in particular. if i was walking around with a name like "Tyler The Creator" i would, i think, be more worried as to whether i was getting called "bell end" or "dick head" the most, but good luck to him. or, indeed, her, if it be a girl.

the revelation here in this picture, of course, is that U2 have always been "giving away" their music with the latest in state of the art technology. unless this is a very clever fake. although these models of walkman were very much the state of the art at the time the War album was released, so maybe it is legit.

i cannot imagine that i have all that much to say on the subject of the great U2 giveaway that i did not say in this blog post all the way over here, to be honest. except maybe to point out that, contrary to what bell end dick head types such as Tyler say, it was not "automatically downloaded" to any device at all. it sat as available in something called a "cloud library", and one had to press a f*****g button that said "DOWNLOAD" in order to put it on any electrical items you own. so if you hear anyone whining and crying that it was "forced" onto them, feel free to point out that it was pressing that button that said you wanted to download it which saw it being "forced" on them. or simply tell them to shut up.

on the subject of music, super duper exciting news for this week is that Barbs has treated us to a brand new (of sorts) recording of Barbs. Barbara Streisand presents Barbara Streisand's Partners by Barbara Streisand with lesser artists is now available. good.

to celebrate this, Barbs has indulged her people, at least to the extent of apparently granting Sky a one question interview. i grabbed my blueberry as quick as i could to get a picture for you.

what was the one question that Barbs allowed Sky to ask her and that she sort of answered? in all honesty i have forgotten. once this broadcast was done the hosts on Sky spent so much time discussing - in awe and with a sense of revere - the hat that Barbs had on that i totally forgot what they asked as i contemplated how, indeed, awesome the hat of Barbs was.

comment as, look you see, also been passed on how terrific and inspiring the necklace that she has on is.

whine time, darlings! you have been warned.

so, this is what was in the box. yes, that's right, a magazine.

it's that special edition thing of Classic Rock, featuring the new pop record by him off of Guns N Roses that doesn't really have the temper problem or social issues. Slash or something, i think. my (considerably) better half likes him, so she would probably know.

this was supposed to arrive on the day of release, which was yesterday. as it happens, Royal Mail did not even bother trying to deliver it, instead leaving it at the post office. quite clued up, Royal Mail are, and there was no fooling them that there was no chance of this box fitting through our letterbox. or any conventional letterbox.

i am very disappointed with amazon, very disappointed indeed. this large box for a magazine is just stupid. for a start, with it just loose in this box all that has happened is that it has rattled around in it, so the CD box thing has gotten bent and damaged. it would have arrived in better condition - and been here on the day it was supposed to - if they had used the normal kind of packaging they do for magazines.

what have we learned here? don't buy magazines from amazon. you just have to go to the post office to collect them, where you can buy the (undamaged) magazine from another shop anyway.

more U2 moaning? certainly. here's the hypocrisy that the band are apparently guilty of.

yes, yes, it's true. so many dick heads, presumably desperate for attention and wanting to be seen as "cool" for being all loud and brash about how much they loathe U2, have moaned that there's a special "app" that removes the button from your iTwat account that lets you get the album for free. how very petty and pathetic. do they also whine and moan to Mozilla, Microsoft and whoever else to have buttons removed from web browsers, or do they just ignore them and get on with their lives? pathetic, empty lives, granted, dedicated to crying about U2. buy life, of sorts, all the same.

meanwhile, to round off, i went into one of them Pound shop things again today. you would think that i should know by now not to go anywhere near their DVD section, for all that happens is i see a right load or rubbish that actually looks excellent and thus i feel compelled to buy.

yeah, that is exactly what happened.

Jurassic Croc, known also as the film named SuperCroc, appears to have few friends and even less good reviews. ah. there was no way at all i could have known this before buying, and anyway the box looked absolutely awesome, man.

what's it about? looks like it will be soldiers and that trying to absolutely knack a massive crocodile, a crocodile that may well have come from the time of the dinosaurs, dear reader. i will have a look and try to let you know.

anyway, that will do.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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