Thursday, September 11, 2014

spin me round (exactly) like a record

hi there

i, much like you, dear reader, had assumed that i was some sort of immortal being. this is obviously an opinion in need of urgent review, as legal opinion now says that if someone fires at gun at you four times, there is no possible way at all that the person firing those bullets could know or anticipate that the person they hit would die.

disposing of my earthly remains, then, will be in all likelihood charged with disposing of my earthly remains. it should be quite easy - my genitalia, you would think, will be much in demand from several low-grade medical facilities around the world, and should it happen to be Stumpie that fires four bullets at me oblivious to the consequences, well, he can have my shins and feet as a sign of no hard feelings.

as for the rest of what is left, burn it, dear reader, and make sure my ashes end up here.

yes, dear reader. And Vinyly, in case you missed the link, is that awesome. they turn your ashes into 30 or so vinyl records with a recording of your choosing, assuming you have copyright permission to use the recording.

what's this picture? oh, don't worry about it, it's just me being rubber gloved by the Czechs.

what recording should be on the, as it were, slabs of vinyl made out of my ashes? why, Rickett's Theme, of course, as composed by my good and multi talented friend JG. although it looks like he might have removed it and the link on that doesn't work. hey ho, i am sure JG will rustle it up as and when the time comes.

that's just a totally cool thing to do with ashes, that is. my only regret is that, presumably, i shall be in no position to see and hear the end product.

speaking of totally cool things to do, look, look you see, the Bongo is getting a bit of a revamp and a renovation thing going.

no, i am not particularly interested either, but you people like it when there is a picture or two on my posts, and this one was the only one that i happened to have at hand.

anyway, that will do. more later, unless something happens and whoop, there i am on your turntable.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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