Monday, September 01, 2014

the rule of three

hello there

well, a most peculiar day, really. you might think i get bombarded with messages, images and what have you from friends and family back in South Africa, but not really, not so much. i mean, i keep in touch and contact with friends and family, as you would expect, but not to any elevated or particularly high levels.

that said, if Sinbad, or indeed Anthea, would like to say "cheers for the disc" that Jason kindly delivered on my behalf, that would be most smart.

anyway, today i got images and videos relating very much to South Africa. these inspired a great deal of reminiscent nostalgia as such, but not really any great level of homesickness or anything like that, before anyone asks or ponders.

first off, then, an intersection. an intersection that is, strangely, not gridlocked. must have been very early on a Sunday, then, this picture. many thanks indeed to my dear friend Ronel for "tagging" me in it.

yes, this is a pretty familiar sight to see on the streets of Johannesburg. and, probably every city in the country. make of it what you will. of America, as i recall, Trevor Noah said that he "got lonely at traffic lights". you kind of do here in England too, compared to the things you can be sold and be asked for over down there.

speaking of traffic, and indeed my dear friend Ronel, it's a hats off, or however you would show congratulations to someone, indeed to Nando's with this absolute gem of an advert. just take a minute or so out of your day to watch this.

that clip is brilliant! the scene is of course exaggerated for comic effect, but not so much as you might think. for those wondering why i dislike driving so much, try scenarios like that every day of your life for just shy of twenty years. it's not much fun.

as for the "blue light brigade", those who ferry around exceptionally minor and unimportant members of government with no regard for laws or the safety of others, hit the news sites. in no other country in the world, i would wager, would they be allowed to pull stunts like that.

a third one for you, then, in the form of an image my Dad sent me on that email thing he is such a wizard with. this one i include to show you that it is not "just me that has some issues with the South African Post Office. far from it, it would seem......

i can, from all that i have seen and experienced, totally believe the above to be all true. well, maybe not the weight loss thing at the end.

i must say, in the interests of fairness, that i will not have a word spoken against the three ladies who worked in my Post Office. they were, and trust remain, brilliant - helpful, friendly and dedicated to doing their job to the best of their abilities. and their abilities were high. it is a shame that there are not a great many more like them.

yeah, go on then, another Commodore 64 mode selfie for you, since you have for some reason bothered to read this far into this blog post.

no, the above things do not make me "homesick", for i firmly feel at ease and at home at, well, home. they do, however, make me smile, and fondly remember all of the wonderful people over there, as well as the very strange ways one experiences from time to time. if, of course, you accept "from time to time" as being "daily".

i, erm, don't really have a great deal else to say to be honest. i just feel an obligation to put in text by the sides of pictures when i put them to the left or the right of the posting area. this you have probably worked out for yourself.

so, yeah, if Anthea, or for that matter Sinbad, would like to at some point let me know that they got the discs, and that they said thank you to Jason for delivering it, that would be just excellent, really. i think this is just about enough text to fill the side of the picture up so it looks neat and that. hope so.

many thanks indeed, then, to all those who shared, tagged and forwarded me the above pictures and videos!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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