Saturday, February 20, 2016

ride review

hi again

first off, an apology. yes, i know, there are those of you who, look you see, believe that i should start every update here with an apology for doing so. in this case, though, there is a reason beyond just my lacking in the ability to write things of interest. i fear, if not suspect, that, due to the dynamics of "keywords", many of you will have come here via google as you search for reviews of songs what Martin Gore wrote and Dave Gahan sang which have the word "ride" in them, such as Never Let Me Down Again and all them others. this is not an article with such focus.

we, as exposed in recent posts around bridges what swing, recently had reason to be at the coast. a distinct feature of the coast is, of course, attractions and, yes, rides. William, in his enthusiasm which is a characteristic of what it is to be young, went on several of them. as this was at my expense i feel that i have earned the ability to pass comment, or if you like review.

first off, then, the ferris wheel. well, a slightly smaller scale ferris wheel than usual, for it is one which is aimed at the age of William (or younger) and was distinctly indoors.

no, it's not the highest reaching or if you like tallest ferris wheel you have ever seen, but William did get quite a fright when it started going up, the sensation of being as high as it made him being quite new. how high exactly? well, above the height of my head, and i am only slightly shorter than Dolph Lundgren off of all them smart films. smart films which, so far as i am aware, have not once featured a soundtrack contribution off of Martin Gore and/or Dave Gahan.

was the ride good, after the fright factor had fallen? why yes, i believe so. if your browser supports such an action, you can watch the video below and judge, or if you like review, for yourself.

what damage did this ride do in respect of coins of money? 50p. not bad at all in itself, and as point of fact value for money as the ride went on for 5 or so minutes. that might not read like much, but in actual terms it is. i think he was betting somewhat bored towards the end of it.

if a highlight for me was the low cost, the highlight for William was the close proximity to which the proprietor of the amusement arcade had placed other rides in relation, or if you like juxtaposition, to this. this, you see, allowed him to give them a bit of a kicking as he rode (circled?) past them.

no, alas, James elected not to go on any of the rides as such. most were meant, if not intended, for younger children anyway. to bring some balance, then, here's a selfie i took down at the port, or if you like walkway to the beach, and yes i am sorry that i am present but rather concentrate on the family members of mine that you like.

but, i suspect, ports are not what you want, reviews of rides are. to that end, then, here is the other ride that William went on that i took pictures and video off of.

also costing 50p, which was very pleasing to me considering the cost of other rides, was this most splendid horse ride, which is a ride you go on that takes the shape of a horse.

this ride did not go on for quite so long as the ferris wheel one, and as you can see there were only a certain number of things close by which William could in any practical sense reach to kick as he rode. as you can also see, both in the picture and in the below video, is that William really rather liked this one.

did he enjoy this ride so much that he would like a real, actual horse to travel around on? probably. we might get one at some point, call it Bronco or Bucky or something like that.

yes, i have several other photographs - but i do not believe much in the way of further videos - of our time at the coast. i shall "upload" them and share both them and my words over the next few days. i might as well milk this content as much as i can, on the off chance that for some reason a higher level of posts makes me seem as though i am more interesting!

thanks as ever and as usual for reading, and nice one if any of the reviews have been of use.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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