Tuesday, February 16, 2016


hey there

life, look you see, is something always touched by regret. it's not regret that has to be particularly bitter, resentful or remorseful, for sometimes regret can be just that. except when it is regret in the form of Regret, a recording by band New Order that was quite good, but tainted by the fact that, to this day, laughably NME refer to it as "the most important single of the 90s". but you and i are not here to discuss Manc bands or bizarre statements from the press.

here you go, this is John, i am informed.

if you are thinking that John looks a trifle like he might be a snowman, that is because he very much is a snowman. why is he called John? i was told, but i have forgotten. William and my (considerably) better half created John from the gift of the snow today, and they informed me that he is called John. i seem to recall asking why, but then i got distracted and didn't really listen to them.

where does the regret come into this? well, it's quite simple, really, and i am somewhat surprised that you have not worked this out. if i had been of the sense to either christen William by the name Falcon, or marry someone called Falcon instead of my (considerably) better half and somehow life for me had followed the same pattern, then i could have plausibly and realistically called this post The Falcon & The Snowman, after the brilliant film. a film, which lest we forget, featured a song that was a distinct highlight of the works recorded by Derek Bowie during that somewhat up and down decade for him that was the 80s.

that is indeed William, proudly showing off the magnitude or if you like scale of John. that's John who is a snowman John, and not some other sort of John that i have just thought of but, as it turns out, not subconsciously written about.

as you can kind of see in these images, the snow which brought such fear and stoppage to my routines yesterday has all but gone. yes i did indeed go off and be all brave driving today, feeling that the falling snow level was perfect for me to be less of a fanny about it all.

tomorrow, dear reader, i believe i shall go and purchase a recording of The King, Elvis Presley. no specific one as such, although i hope to get a 70s one. this will be, if in my head alone, an act of great defiance, but more of that as and when it happens, if indeed it does happen.

if it's as cold for you as it is here, or colder still, well, if you are waiting for me to suggest to you that you keep warm and you've not thought to do such a thing yourself, that's your business.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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