Friday, February 26, 2016

represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom

hey there

not an overt amount to write of, look you see. i just know that a certain Wild At Heart poster tends to be popular with you, the random web browser who likes to search for such things, so here's another look at it.

only this time, dear reader, it has a distinctly different light cast upon it.

if the above looks like the poster is no longer in my home, for i would not have access to a smart rug like that (actually i may well look for one similar to it), that would be because it isn't. the person, in another land, who asked me if i would part with this poster received the benefit of this parting as recently as this week, and as requested they kindly sent on a picture. more of the story available by clicking here if you so wish.

i shall not repeat much of the story again, for we live in the now. and, in the now, it does my heart good to see that both the poster arrived safely, and that it is now somewhere that it shall be on display with someone who thinks it as cool as i do. where exactly has it ended up in the world? jeg er ked af , jeg er ikke frihed til at sige.

this episode has reminded me of just how awesome the internet once was. in the late 90s and early 00s i was able to freely connect and chat with strangers who had a common love of the same music, books, films and so on that i had. frequently we exchanged address details and posted each other stuff that was cool which we had and they did not. it's quite a shame that the pollution of criminals, groomers, stalkers and misfits across the net has made many feel it is unsafe to do this any more.

my last view of the poster before it travelled? sure, why not.

indeed yes, my (considerably) better half was commissioned to wrap and seal it up in such a way as to assure that it arrived as safely and as perfectly as possible. no easy task, the poster will be somewhere in the region of 25 years old now.

anyway, anything else i could think of to write here would be your basic sentimental hygiene. if the new owner of the smart Wild At Heart poster is reading this, i am really thrilled that it arrived as it should have and may it bring you many moments of happiness to gaze upon it.

være fremragende til hinanden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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