Saturday, February 13, 2016

reflections of love bead loaded toothpaste

hey again

in very quickly following on from the post i just did, look you see, here's the boss awesome and like totes amazing pictures Dad has sent on of lovebead toothpaste as it looks in New Zealand.

this would be, i presume, the tube or if you like packet of lovebead toothpaste that my Dad thought would be the final one he would experience. it has very much, as you hardly need me to be point out, been flattened and squeezed to drain every last particle of it out. nice bit of efficiency in use, there.

i would not disagree with a view that a particular type of toothpaste is an unusual thing to form an emotional bond with, or the view that retaining the last empty packet of it would be a somewhat peculiar form of clutching at the last remnants of a feeling in the hope that it may never pass. this is, however, my Dad we are speaking of. those of you fortunate enough to know him and his ways will find nothing unusual or out of character with any of this.

the three packets i sent him as a sort of "surprise" thing a couple of weeks ago? certainly, here they are.

sorry that there's not too much writing here,  the post i just did kind of covered pretty much all i can think of to say about lovebead toothpaste on this chilly evening.

a close up of the branding for lovebead toothpaste? sure, why not.

anyway, that will do. it's too cold up here in my elevated shed. i am off to see if i can't covert a tape which is just a handful of days south of being 40 years old into a CD.

cheers Dad for the pictures, nice one that the tubes arrived and i am glad that they've made the world a most excellent place for you. as for everyone else, thanks as ever for reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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